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Box of swimbait parts, bodies and mold for trade

  • barter/trade
I thought I wanted to get into making swimbaits. The truth is I think I hate cutting, trimming and sanding the bodies. It seems too much like work. I have amassed a decent sized box of parts and bodies I'd like to trade as a single group, the whole shebang. If you know what you are looking at you can see there are 3 complete Baby Wake type bodies, about 7 or 8 complete Bull shad type bodies still on the sprue as well as a host of other baits in various stages of completion as well as a shad mold that has two separate tail length molds. I think there is some decent value here for someone who fishes swimbaits.

I am interested in a trade for:
Clear plastic crankbait, topwater blanks, balsa blanks with circuit board lips, weedless bass jigs or jig heads, finished soft plastics. If someone who molds soft plastics offered to make some special colored baits for me, I'd be interested.

I'm not interested in cash and I'm not going to split the lot up. I like the barter system

photo below
Please send a private message if interested.

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