• 20 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2018_09/40005414_10205014924768996_5486433439143952384_n.jpg.3179c37cd81c70c78e2ed3265b0204c3.jpg
I'm looking for $20 per mold plus shipping. Call or text if you have any questions 337-256-0661. Paypal only.

1) SJ-4-A Spinner Jig Assorted Sizes
2) RVB-5-34 Roundhead Jig ¾ Barb Collar
3) TUBE-16 Tube Skirt Jig 1/16 oz size
4) JNT-6-36 Teardrop 1/3 and 1/6 oz have
5) JRS-5-3812 Roundhead Jig 3/8 and 1/2oz
6) DAW-1-7 Decoy Anchor Wrap Around Type
7) 2/0 Snag Production Mold
8) 4/0 Snag Production Mold
9) 6/0 Snag Production Mold
10) 8/0 Sang Production Model
11) B-6-112 Bank Sinker 1.5 oz
12) BC-1-20 Swivel Bell Sinker 20 oz
13) KWC-8 Keel Weight 8oz
14) BC-8-A Bass Casting Assorted Sizes
15) BC-3-345 Bass Casting 3,4,5oz sizes
16) BC-9-12 Bass Casting ½ oz sizes
17) BC-8-M2 Bass Casting Medium Sizes 2 like this
18) BC-9-82 Bass Casting Small Sizes 2 like this
19) BC-9-34 Bass Casting 3/4oz sizes
20) TRC-2-68 Trolling Sinker Beaded Chain swivels 6 & 8oz sizes
21) EG-14-S2 Small Egg Mold 1/10 oz and 1/5oz

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