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Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Unpainted or Chromed Blanks For Repaints

  • 25 cents each
[b]Bulk Lots only[/b]

Small Flat Rate Box full 1/2 ounce Traps $30.00 shipped (aproximately 65)

Medium Flat Rate Box full 1/2 Ounce Traps $120.00 Shipped (aproximately 450)

Large Flat Rate Box full 1/2 ounce Traps $200.00 Shipped (aproximately 800)

Inquire about other size prices or larger quantities.

Email if interested

can send pictures.

1/8oz 1/4oz 1/2oz and 3/4oz

Also some Pro Traps,Slap Stiks, Little L, Big L and Deep L (I believe the forerunner to the Bandit lures)
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HOw much for the 3/4 oz traps??

I am interested in the 1/2 oz too about 450 of them. but if you have some of the 3/4 oz I would like them too.

Earlcus at com cast dot net

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