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Bucktail Skirt Collars huge lot

  • 299 offer,monthly_2019_01/48425025_10214768161296349_3679158883714072576_n.jpg.c0eab80a201f2923590bc57a1d806ba2.jpg,monthly_2019_01/49103413_10214768163816412_3000055572746731520_n.jpg.f968379dc69db914c8afc3308e110446.jpg,monthly_2019_01/49158406_10214768161576356_4307251362028060672_n.jpg.9cd28b4d698bea07a5c10c4e7263255b.jpg,monthly_2019_01/49485877_10214768177136745_73981116616278016_n.jpg.0ac281769d0a57ede489ce608780e0e8.jpg
Large assortment of skirt collars for making Musky Spinner baits,these are attatched to the skirt tinsel to make an easy application to fit the wire,can also be used on marabou,feathers and silicone and rubber skirts,made by the worth company these have a retail value of over 1500 dollars,hundreds and hundreds of collars,selling off my lure making supplies so save Big,over 11.5 pounds of collars and also included some lure bodies
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