LC Hybrid Wiggle Wart Unpainted Crankbaits

Captain Ron
  • $2.50 each,monthly_2017_11/5a04bee133ff3_LCWiggleWartHybred2017002-bottomview.JPG.69396bb1daa47a0008ffd420b4405129.JPG,monthly_2017_11/5a04bf3678335_LCWiggleWartHybred2017003-sideview.JPG.982094c918ddef8ebf52cd55a17fd7b8.JPG
Here at last, 5 years in the making and now available to the public. The new LC Hybrid Wiggle Wart Crankbait (Floating) for Suspending just add Suspendots. We have taken the Pre-Rapala and the Original Series combined the best of them both to produce this Hybrid model. You can find them in my ebay site at luckycastlures/ Get you some now and have a blast painting them in your favorite colors and patterns. Stencils for the new Hybrid will be available 11/09/2017, with 15 pattern choices.

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