Lots of Molds for sale!!

  • $35ea + http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/
Hey everyone! Lots of great molds, all in good condition. Many hard to find molds!

Just upgrading some stuff so getting rid of the smaller cavity stuff!
$6 shipping for first mold then discounted after that

8 - 4.25” Bears Hinged Kodiak Kraw Mold - $40ea - Discontinued used to retail $45+

12 – 3.75” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Crazy Craw $34ea retail $43.50

4 – 6” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Flat Belly Finesse Worm 5 cavity Molds $70 ea retail $87.25

15 – 4” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Kickin Frogs $40ea – Retail $50

6 - Custom made Belly molds to pour the frog belly color easily 6 cavity $35 ea

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