Open Pour Worm Molds

  • $5.00 to $8.00 ea.,monthly_2018_09/290575793_3.5SwimBait.JPG.3cfdf4f4534ceda07b1724bc1d34d249.JPG,monthly_2018_09/413677868_4SlimSenko.JPG.bc7e814333bc97c0e792eabf7a85fc23.JPG,monthly_2018_09/164301961_4Weenie.JPG.127c29f5b19feed9fa5d366a0e7924d6.JPG,monthly_2018_09/1013804476_6Eel.JPG.1836e5aa2e43f183438b0d5f3336660b.JPG,monthly_2018_09/1214556238_6Weenie.JPG.c1ef2dd3d3cad308a6368b902e03b649.JPG,monthly_2018_09/1288785335_6.5RibbedPaddletail.JPG.b9ba10559f7fe0d0a1b0725fd2b80647.JPG,monthly_2018_09/beaver.JPG.a71752b08b09aaec26c0950ea75389d5.JPG,monthly_2018_09/446094868_CrossTailShad.JPG.ccf060106d9a389f4f79cda3fe08e19a.JPG,monthly_2018_09/609635413_FatHeadStraightTail.JPG.d3608fcf37f03b8316977c58e9b2709b.JPG,monthly_2018_09/2133022215_ForkTailShad.JPG.bbe77b31a235ee8dbf6dc4de3f44b2a0.JPG,monthly_2018_09/Goby.JPG.868bfbbbe20c9fc0546c665c375e60b4.JPG,monthly_2018_09/939449197_LongTailFluke.JPG.0b638789a25cd6fe8f54fbe6adeb8aaf.JPG,monthly_2018_09/1035355649_RibbedSwimBait.JPG.35be2a092c6eb9a5fa1fe6eb7360ceb6.JPG
Here are 14 different open pour worm and swim bait molds. The white ones are plaster of paris. The others are fiberglass resin. The prices range from $5.00 to $8.00 each. I will deal on multiple molds purchased. I have multiples of each mold. Some of the styles I have as many as 30 molds, some only 4 or 5. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please use email, I will invoice via pay pal for payment. Shipping will depend on quantity purchased. I use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes whenever I can. I am open for offers, Thank you.

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