spoon molds used

  • $28.00 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2018_05/5b0d5dc27bdbc_thumbnail(1).jpg.b8222eca99a16b7426a55c3e94187488.jpg,monthly_2018_05/5b0d5dcd0d674_thumbnail(2).jpg.46d6f507abf8065fe05a8304c34ca23e.jpg,monthly_2018_05/5b0d5dd579b78_thumbnail(3).jpg.1476c9230c886c2e0aae30c8d7982b8f.jpg,monthly_2018_05/thumbnail.jpg.55d7cc619738884c6a038ecfcf86e3b7.jpg
got two used spoon molds price is tyd 1 is a CC-4-A AND 1 IS HS-3-34 thanks price is 28.00 for each mold shipped

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