Tackle Concept custom Bucktail Blade lot

  • 148.50 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2019_01/1290815534_s-l1600(1).jpg.650b28264438f176f6fb075b514e8c8c.jpg,monthly_2019_01/920148291_s-l1600(2).jpg.2aa52338bc77cf62a3fe0daaaaa907ac.jpg,monthly_2019_01/1443681107_s-l1600(3).jpg.0dbe30a4645dcd3b805c24bfa3432fe7.jpg,monthly_2019_01/1775003192_s-l1600(4).jpg.9c07d1e0eeb1eb27b39084cdf6dcb938.jpg,monthly_2019_01/1808760559_s-l1600(5).jpg.71bee0d6b8a66b9202cf9cfc943cfc80.jpg,monthly_2019_01/2037264510_s-l1600(6).jpg.4425a0fd221d7e76d694f9581a27ce16.jpg,monthly_2019_01/1930713475_s-l1600(7).jpg.373e677c68c85626f1aa8d564363e537.jpg
Tackle concept size 10 magnum bucktail blades powder coated for long life,listing is for 8 of eack blade and the last color walleye has 6 blades,total 54 blades,these are 040 thick brass blades powder coated,7.00 shipping,these normally sell for 350 per blade,get them here for 2.75 per blade,moving out some inventory

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