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Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds

  • 70-165 http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/uploads/monthly_2019_09/e9kEI2k.jpg.c5c4fe2b6ee921e704c3317430524e6f.jpg,monthly_2019_09/gMfDTjX.jpg.0bc5e3d4f7c87298a3bf0a95224f42cb.jpg,monthly_2019_09/sKocmtc.jpg.cf090e125defe0adf5d517630505d2cd.jpg,monthly_2019_09/swLlhZZ.jpg.48b21fe9497ff942f00405330f2128f3.jpg
1 bass tackle 660 4cav swim bait retail 179 asking 165 shipped
1 bass tackle 552 creature 4 cav retail 134 asking 125 shipped
1 angling ai 2 cav skirt mold retail 79 asking 70.
2 4 cavity craw molds - I think these are with bass tackle or btsmolds, can't recall. 110 Each shipped

Feel free to shoot me offers but bearin mind I'm eating the PayPal fees and shipping. Respect both of our time.

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