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  2. Interesting idea. Weird to think of mylar as heat resistant, but that's what they claim. I could use the clear like the scotch tape, or just use it to mask off areas. Thanks for the tip fshng.
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  4. Btw, Thanks for the write up Mike, we enjoy solving problems and helping people out, regardless if its out product or not.
  5. is were I sent Mike. I have several of my own from them.
  6. Where does one get one of these? I am not in the business, yet(?), but do make baits.
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  8. That looks sharp. Nice work.
  9. Thanks all.
  10. One last thing. I use AZEK PVC, either the decking or the trim board. For musky baits I would recommend the decking. It is as buoyant as poplar, but it is stronger than the trim board, which I use for cranks, poppers, and other one piece baits. Both hold screw eyes, twist wires, belly weights, and swivels used as hook hangers just fine.
  11. Sorry, I've been on a fishing trip. I use a drill hole just large enough (5/32) to except ,30 TIG SS welding rod with a barrel twist. I rough up the wire some, just for extra. I trim the wire to the hole depth. I put a little epoxy in the hole and butter the wire, As I insert the hanger I twist it into the hole allowing the epoxy to run freely in the cavity. I clean up the over run of epoxy at the eye, to level. I've caught northern pike at best and other species, not a musky. No problems for me with these. I've done extreme test just to prove it to myself.........I'm a believer now! I don't think pvc is a strength problem as most have stated. Dale
  12. Just viewed your rabbit fur video,liked it. You use round ball i use minnow head with 3D eyes same pattern though and I'm sure similar results too. I use a Gami, how are you liking those Lil Nasty hooks? I have a deadly bright pattern (pink, chart, lime,and black, we call it Fugly) thats very effective on Walleye and at times Smallies. My father was born and raised in Philly until he joined the military, ended up here in NM and never went back. He's 80, has his own boat and fishes for Walleye once a week year around, i can't keep him in jigs at times. In 5 years he become very, very good at graphing and catching. What part of PA you from?
  13. Reason spike it, and myself offer it 2 ways. But in the end, the end user is always the best one to do it, right before use. Best 250.00 anyone in the bait business could ever spend IMO..
  14. Still available?
  15. I lost half a dozen Red Eye Shad lipless crankbaits to the summer heat, even though they were in a tackle compartment. Other baits in the same compartment weren't affected, so it had to be the plastic the first baits were made from.
  16. Secret Weapon Lures released a buzzbait with a willow blade behind the buzz blade a number of years ago. Joe H sent me a few to play with. I actually didn't care for it on first impressions. Inspite of that I gave it a fair shake. First time out it nailed a 6.5 for me, and the next day in an afteenoon/evening tournament I got big fish on it with a 7.02. Its a good bait. The SWL bait did have a regular skirt on it.
  17. LOL, looks like my new vacuum pot. It does help to make more durable silicone molds, clearer bubble free plastisol, etc. I am still not sold on it being required, or even economical, but the results are awesome.
  18. Mylar PET Film Tapes are used in the powder coating industry and are available in clear or transparent. Source: ebay and
  19. I wanted to give a shout out to Leonard at . After talking with Leonard about the de-gassing process, I decided to buy a vac pot and pump. I use Lure Works plastic for most of our bass baits and while its a very clear plastic, it traps air every time it is agitated in its un cooked form. This website is where we learned all about hand pouring over 10 years ago and it awesome how guys on this website ( like Leonard ) still are willing to help out others. I was amazed at how much air was drawn out of the plastisol and the result were clear.....very clear plastic that is ! not a bubble in it after de gassing. So if you dont have the time or money to buy a vacuum set up, Leonard takes the time to degass all the plastisol they sell...believe me it will make a huge difference
  20. If you check out my you tube channel (same as my screen name) I have some tutorials on different patterns I tie. There are hair jigs as well as finesse type jigs with silicone, living rubber, and various natural materials.
  21. I will try that next time. Dave
  22. Wow, very nice. That would be sharp over foil. Just a hint of color depending on direction.
  23. Dusted with Createx Chameleon Gem Sapphire that only appears in direct light. Very cool how it vanishes and reappears as you move it around. Notice how it only shows up on the head in this picture, even though the whole back is covered with it.
  24. Most TU members concentrate on freshwater lures but if you Google "unpainted saltwater lures" there seems to be lots of alternative sources.
  25. Thanks Mark I guess I will find out . They should go OK I will just sell them at a flea market in August and keep a few for myself. Wayne
  26. Glad to hear it. I would sure hate the lure to be like the Bass Pro Shops KO with the chopper front and back, "double down plopper". The blades break and the reviews on the lure are terrible 1 out of 5. A bad bait like that could kill a reputation pretty quick.
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