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  2. I would contact the manuf. to see who carries the hardener, and for the correct ratio.
  3. Is it possible you are using too much oil? I paint pretty much every day and disassemble and clean my gun every night then it soaks overnight in distilled water and about 1 ounce airbrush cleaner. Reason I asked about the oil is because I use oil every time I reassemble my gun. I can lube every the moving sections with about 1/2 a drop of oil. I put the oil on my finger and lightly coat the parts. I don't lube the needle itself. I would think if I can lube my airbrush with 1/2 a drop, then a full drop of oil in the trigger hole (for lack of a better term) may be too much. Ron
  4. I had to have my bank credit my $ back to me as I had never received my order or any response to emails. I've learned it's best to email or call businesses that provide the components I need before I order to see if they have it in stock.
  5. I forgot to tell you that every now and then you can pick up an old palmer 20 pound lead ladle pot on Ebay . They sit in a bracket and are screwed to the table. The pot tips to pour . I have two and love them for certain projects especially bank sinkers or jig heads that go 3,4,5,6 Oz. Sorta tricky to pour at first but not bad at all.
  6. Ok, good deal. I just received a new package in the mail. It is full of stuff, including the smaller handheld pot/pour. I am excited to see how the two pots compare/differ from each other. The lead does come off with scratching with a fingernail. So I will need to pick up some harder lead for the buzzbaits/spinnerbaits.
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  8. stoneclad, some time of flooring epoxy. I used it in the past to build a boat, but that's another story.
  9. It might help to get the name of the product.
  10. Hello all. I'm enjoying this site and all the info, great stuff. I was recently given a gallon of epoxy resin but not the hardener. I know that it requires an amine hardener and I will experiment to find the correct ratio. Question is, where can I buy just the hardener and not a kit? I would prefer a local pickup /big box store type of scenario. I live in B'ham area if that helps. Thanx.
  11. ??? I didn't have any deep divers on FB. You must be thinking of someone else?
  12. good luck!! ordered mine two years ago and still nothing!!
  13. Glad to see you coming along good!! How did the deep divers come out that you showed me on FB?
  14. me and you think a lot alike
  15. I get a very satisfactory result from M-F soft sinking at 1/4:1 salt:plastic. When I used super soft I felt like I had to go up to 1/3:1 and then I had to add softener.
  16. Floating plastic will be fine, sinking plastic was not available when Gary created his first baits. Gary just added salt (for weight and taste) and I remember a recent post where glass blasting beads were used to add the weight, get excellent sinking control, and a touch of salt was added for taste. It was an excellent idea but I do remember he followed up and said it did scratch his injector. Personally, I could live with that and I will try it in the future. If you know how to do density or specific gravity test then it is easy to determine how much to add. You might have done something like this in a chemistry class in High School.
  17. Ok thank you. Worse case Ill have to test it like I did originally but was hoping to avoid that. I made some with same recipe but havent fished them yet. Just worried that floating plastic will have an affect on the fall rate and wag of the bait. Didnt realize thats what I bought until I got it and too expensive to ship back,
  18. It's a quirk in the system. As @alsworms said, just click a link in the upper menu and it will log you right in.
  19. Definitely an interesting design! Have you tested them yet? If so, how well did they work with the 4 blade prop on the nose?
  20. Step one is to decide who you want to be. What's your focus? What value do you bring to soft baits that no one else can bring? How are you different from your competition? Do you make the best crawfish baits in the world? Do you have the widest range of saltwater baits? Are your hand pours so beautiful they should be in the Louvre? Getting your name out there won't be worth much if your customers don't associate it with anything. You have to determine what your core benefit is, then pursue it with relentless focus. Doing so will guide nearly every decision you make, from product mix to pricing to marketing tactics. The standard marketing tools for our trade are pretty self-evident; enthusiast sites like this one, trade pubs, shows, events (tournaments, etc), social media. Nail down what makes you unique, then go from there.
  21. Go to the browse feature at the top right of this web page. Hover over Browse and then click on more. Move down and click on search. Enter "Sinko receipe" into the search and hang on. LOL There have been other request recently for that and I personally am not sure that a final solution was ever determined, but there is a lot of great information regarding it.
  22. I have not had that problem myself with the clear coats I use. And using the rattle cans is a common practice in some parts of the world, but........ Your point is well made and causes me to give some thought to this.
  23. Then that is what I would do as well.
  24. I appreciate the advice!
  25. Youre not selling them for enough profit and/or its taking you too long to make them and/or your not buying product in a large enough quantity to get a good discount. As far as marketing you need to spend $ to spread the word and you need friends to tell friends about your baits. Its a chain that can continue but there are a lot of guys here doing it and it takes $ to make $. Some guys have a few hundred molds and injection machines and buy everything in bulk. Upfront cost is brutal but long term you will do ok if you work it right. Youre not going to get rich I can promise you. Competitive market though especially if you're selling the same baits as others and everyones trying to cut eachothers throats. Just enjoy doing it unless you want to spend any free time you have making baits and thousands of dollars for all the molds plastic and equipment. Just my 2 cents.
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