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    Old warts back to new

    Pre rapala wiggle warts
  3. Many Eyes

    old warts back to new!

    A few pre rapala wiggle warts
  4. The type of rig seems to make a difference we have come to like the do-it ES 6" shad with a screw nose and external wire rig regular alumisol actually lasts pretty good 10 is fish or better, but it is pretty chewed up, but anything with an internal rigging can be done in one if you are unlucky.
  5. Probably depends on which type of bait. I’m doing pullbaits so they can be pretty firm. Swimbaits start to suck if u get them too stiff. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. I ordered lure raft hybrid between saltwater and regular, it was wayyyy to soft. Not even close to the hardness of the regular alumisol. I just called alimisol and got them to send me more in bulk, rather than burn money experimenting.
  6. A chinese Pie machine, Interesting.... Nothing like a zorn machine, except the advertised price.
  7. What is the action like with the super tough plastics, I do pike sized baits. would it work in smaller baits
  8. Heard back from one so far, it's not cheap but reasonable. it goes to show it pays to contact a real person sometimes.
  9. rankmywriter.com have exceeded my expectations. I am completely satisfied with your service. Thank you so much. I will definitely keep in touch.
  10. 亲 我们是pvc软诱饵机制造厂,582488010 @ qq.com,https://dgncjx.en.alibaba.com
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  12. I would highly recommend people skip Do-It's Senko molds entirely after my experiences with them and I don't have to be asked in order to recommend Baitjunkys.com for stick molds.
  13. When you buy a new/replacement power tool, treat it like you have never ever used that type of tool before in your life! I bought a new circular saw. It ripped my fingernail off because the guard was positioned slightly differently. Dave
  14. heres 1 on stupid. was drilling a bait with 1/16th bit,in Dremel. drop the Dremel .went to catch it. bit went right thru my hand. as for stuoidity I got the Darwin award.
  15. I designed and built a hinged lip lure for longer casting. It was a really fiddly build on top of a lot of time consuming carving. The design worked and casting distance increased significantly. I decided to really test it out with a monster effort cast. The reel bail-arm flipped shut mid-cast. The lure flew about 150yds, it was a thing of beauty. Moral - Always tie a new knot. Dave
  16. They say we learn from our mistakes so I should be a genus before I die
  17. The plastic exudes oil when they cure. If you don’t remove it the paint won’t stick. With fresh made baits they haven’t had a chance to start yet so....
  18. Nope, you're the only one who has ever made a mistake! Hahaha
  19. Yep I live in dickson,tn, I fish mainly the Cumberland river and Kentucky lake, south of the Paris landing area, it was an awesome place to fish until the asian carp.
  20. Well I had an dumb moment today and figure I can’t be the only one. So why not start a thread here where maybe we can admit to are dumb mistakes so others don’t repeat them I will start by owning up to today’s dumb moment So I was asked by a friend to build a smaller crankbait for rainbows. He wanted something with a wide erratic action. So shaped a body and lip yesterday with plans to test the action today. When I build a new design of crankbait with a line tie on the lip I pressure fit the lip by adding building up a little masking tape and have a wire with an eye that I slip through holes in the lip then use a small strip of duct tape around the bait hold the wire against the belly. This way I can test different lips and line tie positions by easily being able to swap them out So I take this new design with me to test the action at the creek near my place. I arrive and I forgot my duct tape so rather than go home I used my masking tape to secure the tie wire around the belly. Cast out the lure into the creek and nice action with first lip and tie position. As I admire my work in shock I got the action right first try a foot long rainbow shoots out and grabs the crankbait. Well for the tip of the day masking tape won’t even hold a a foot long trout . Next time I drive home to get my duct tape Now I need to start over again So if you are going to test a lures action in a waters with even small fish make sure the lure can hold them pic of my lip and test wire I use
  21. These are the only Mann's unpainted that I know of.. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Manns-Unpainted-Lure-Bodies.html?search=Unpainted+Bodies
  22. I appreciate the info. I see you're from Tennessee. I live in Crossville.
  23. I finally got a response to my emails and have agreed a price for the 3D print, so things are finally moving along again. I have done several more tweaks to the mold design to help with the demolding operation. The problem is that the mold material will be a hard filler type rather than a silicone, brand name San Polac, similar to Bondo filler. The reason for this is that I cannot get a silicone stiff enough locally, the thin walls of the lure body collapse under the lightest clamping pressure. Postal is out of the question due to excessive import taxes and general corruption. This means that I am breaking the basic rule of casting; hard cast, soft mold. I have added a 5 degree draft angle to every surface including the front face of the lip. I have also added tabs that I can grip with pliers to pull/lever with, and several wedge slots to help with the initial parting. I think I have done all I can, this is going to be stressful. But if it works, the mold material is very cheap compared to silicone. Dave
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