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  2. This may be in the wrong section, please advise if so. I am looking for a jigging spoon mold to duplicate "jiggy twitch it HD spoon" sold at bass pro/Cabelas. 2 5/8 in length and 1 oz. any help would be appreciated.
  3. just pour them and paint them myself
  4. I think the Topic says what I am looking for.
  5. Maybe..... I'll have to give it a try. I don't hold out that it will help much but hey, why not. Easy enough to do with a pair of pliers.
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  7. I buy the 20g bottles of runny CA. They are incredibly cheap, sorry, cannot remember the price, I buy 10 at a time from local shops. They come with a very fine tube dispenser that never seems to clog, even after months. If I was making lots of lures, I would keep in a jar and dip. Dave
  8. I buy the 40 pack on E-bay and I when I use them they are mostly gone so I just throw them out. Cheap too. Wayne
  9. The Grainger model 9.3 lbs /in torque vs 25 to the McMaster model. McMaster is already wired and has a fan but imagine the shipping to Toronto area is the catch.
  10. What about this one? Seems most comparable to the McMaster model you mentioned https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/AC-GEARMOTOR%2C25-RPM%2COPEN%2C115V/p/DMD52JE30
  11. I found that around 310-320 is the ideal temp for when I've been shooting these dual laminates to avoid bleeding. thanks for all the advice on here.
  12. Last week
  13. I just oil the mold and then shoot. The process is takes a bit longer than using a aluminum mold but they work fine for me.
  14. All Eyes

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    Thanks! And yes, I can't look at the produce section without thinking about scale material. LOL! Some of the larger stuff for oranges etc. make great scales for musky lures.
  15. I'm using the Pam that is canola based. Works great with no side effects.
  16. I remember a spinnerbait called Bill's Bumblebee that was very popular in the early 70s. It was manufactured by Bill Hundley and was used a lot in the Elk River area near Athens, Alabama and also Wheeler and Pickwick. It was such a great lure that just about every other fish caught and featured on local fishing shows was caught on that lure. Back during that era local fishing shows were very popular. Now they are just about nonexistent. Local fishing shows were great advertisement for local tackle manufacturers back then.
  17. ddl

    cedar cranks18.jpg

    super ,onion bag do the best scales
  18. WD-40 works great and only takes a couple drops.
  19. Sorry for the distraction, I shouldn't have done that. But I will say; don't be so judgemental to the homeless as you do not know their story. Most people are two or three bad decisions away from the streets. Be grateful for what you have. Issue closed, let's move on Dave
  20. I know the saying is, "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger", but it sure feels like it's killing while it's happening. Sorry you lost all that treasure.
  21. Ouch. Glad to hear those times are behind you!
  22. I think there is a lot of assumption here regarding charging more for selling baits and this might work if you have an established customer base who buys from you regularly. If you are like me and starting out with tons of competition, I'm forced to bring down my prices to make a sale. I just sold a pack of baits on ebay for $4.99 today. I thought I had bought the correct packaging to put my item into the large envelope category. The dimensions were correct but there was a bulge in the middle of the envelope so it wasn't an even surface across. So they categorized it as a package and I was charged $4.65. If I had spread out the baits into a package which kept them even across and stayed within those large envelope dimensions: "The maximum size for large envelopes is 15" x 12" x 3/4" thick. The maximum weight for large envelopes is 13 ounces." I would have been charged $2.00, drastically helping my margins. I'm going to return these 6x10 padded envelopes to amazon and look for an padded envelope which is close to that 15x12x3/4" thick allowing me to spread out the baits more evenly and stay within their required dimensions to bring me into this large envelope category.
  23. Can I use a canola base cooking spray and should I lightly spray the molds also or wait till I can get some worm oil I'm on disability and my budgets very tight so I'm getting stuff when I can I have a few molds and injectors already one single and one double with the laminate block waiting till after the holidays to start getting more items but I have gotten a bunch of old baits to remeltand try my hand at it
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