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  2. This might help. Toll free number. 1-800-3-Seeker. Get the correct answers from those that know.
  3. Thank you for this info I thought it was going to be ballast placement for sure. Like usual headed down the wrong trail. I will let you know how it goes.
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  6. Add to that the exchange rate and then the bank fees, especially seeing the banks don't use the standard rate so lose another 10cents in the $. But it's the price we pay to inhale strange gases from a microwave. Knock off fishing did have a chemical supplier in Oz (I managed to speak to someone) and the plastisol was phthalate free but they closed the online store down quite a while back. If I manage to chase anything down I'll get in contact.
  7. Aint that the truth. The plastisol order I am looking at doing is gonna cost me 3 times more in freight than the product I want to order.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, and glad it worked out. Just a shame we have to get the gear from the other side of the globe.
  9. Looks like Spikeits root beer. Add drops slowly and get the right shade
  10. Thank you! Gold scales would look nice. I will have to keep that in mind when I paint another one. Thanks!
  11. Wow it looks totally different now? Hmmmmm???????
  12. I think I got a bad batch, this is the third gallon I have used and had no problems in the past. This time I stirred as usual heated as usual , but the plastic will not harden won't even jell. After pouring. Heated to 375 f and nothing. Anyone ever had this problem.
  13. I can understand why you would say that. It can appear a similar motor oil color in the right light. Its more reddish than the motor oil I have. Ive tried mixing motor oil and strawberry, but it doesn't come close. Here is another picture.
  14. I'll echo some of what's already been said... My recommendation for starting out is use some existing templates (google "Doc's Lures" for a free video tutorial and free templates), and after using existing material to get familiar with the design and building principles start branching out. Go nuts, see what works, let us know. I've trashed several designs, but the nice thing is the failures make either good kindling or good Christmas ornaments. 1) Seems like most lures are shaped to match or generally mimic the local forage...maybe with the exception of topwaters, there's a lot of variety there. 2) I use whatever wood I can find, often scraps. Luckily, I've been able to resaw much of it on a bandsaw, so I typically cut the wood to 3/4 or 1/2, and I'll just use whatever looks "right." 3) I've done all mine from 1 piece so far. Lots of folks use multiple pieces, especially those who do 3D printing. 4) I've used twist eyes more than through wires, and I've use a figure 8 through wire as well as a bent single piece of wire. So far I haven't had any lures fail, and I've caught most of my fish (bass) this year on a 2 1/2" popper with twist eyes. 5) I've nothing to add here. 6) Look up Doc Lures, he's got a good free basic class. I got a lot of good information there. 7) Have fun and go nuts. I've only been doing this for about a year and a half, but this season I've caught a majority of my fish on lures I made, which is a TON of fun. I've even been able to sell a few lures, which is a nice bonus. Ask a lot of questions and utilize the search feature frequently. There's a lot of insight on here, and the more experienced folks seem to be happy to help.
  15. G'day All, Looking to try and color match one of my favourite plastics. The closest I can find so far I think is Ox Blood, but without already having it in my hands I cant be 100% sure, and the main companies I order from dont have just a straight clear copper. TIA for your help. Regards, Jake
  16. The ice water helps them to set up quickly, and helps prevent any malforming if you dont lay it out perfectly on the bench. I do it depending on the number of baits I am running. I always seem to run out of space in the containers I use
  17. Im using the medium MF Bags atm and bagging up 10 2.5" worms. If I went bigger the poor baits would be swimming in spare space
  18. This was what I was thinking, I would assume the clear plastic would have to be worm proof in order to stop colour leach? The worm oil tip definetly helped. I tried to convince my partner, but she wont take payments in back rubs and good cooking,
  19. We didn't end up ordering as a group, but I did place a $400 order with MF, and had no issues with the product getting here. Although admittedly I didn't order any Plastisol. I ended up buying everything Swamp Tackle still had available, which turned out to be a great option, but i am now down to my last bottle of medium and hard plastic, so saving to do an order with Dead-on in the next month or so depending on how many mates want plastics. Thats a great Idea, I tried to do that with MF, but they already had great shipping prices to begin with, so I wasnt stressed.
  20. As soon as I get back in town from work I promise I’ll post up:-)
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  22. i don't know what kind of ab you own but most of them can handle solvent base paint and top coat.at least i know that iwata can handle it .kbs look good but the life but look bad for a guy that is not doing many lures like me .ty
  23. I just let them hang for 24 hours.
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