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  2. big blue2

    Salt water blanks

  3. big blue2

    Salt water blanks

    hey john i posted the lure blanks you wanted in the classified section hope they are what you want!
  4. big blue2

    6"topwater lure and 6"popper

    6"topwater&6"popper lure blanks made of cedar can make more if needed!
  5. mark poulson

    Lure Eyes
  6. Today
  7. KingfisherWI

    Lure Eyes

    does anyone know where I can get some all black eyes for my crankbaits that I paint?
  8. gone2long

    Salt water blanks

    Hum 2 outta 3 are advertisements for sellers that should also be in the classifieds but I see lurepartsonline is in both guess my adblock can't do it all
  9. BJBarron


    My latest batch.
  10. BJBarron


  11. Gloomisman

    17 jig heads. All new

    17 jig heads. All new  Roundball 6. 3/16 black blue 1 5/16. Green pumpkin football light wire 2 3/8 watermelon black 5. 1/2 black blue enraged 2. 1/2 oz 1. 1oz $20 shipped
  12. Curt - RI

    Salt water blanks

    I have deleted all posts related to selling lures and excise taxes. The forums are not for selling! If you have lures for sale, feel free to post them in the classifieds section. Also, the debate about excise tax isn't appropriate unless the post is specifically about taxes. Baiting a user so you can gripe and rant is unnecessary.
  13. Chuck Young

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

  14. Kim Goforth

    Whispers of the Au Sable

    Paul Larson, Thank you very much for your comment! My grandfather was a very witty wonderful writer and cartoonist also ,he loved to draw funny pictures to go along with his writings , he died in 1977 as I recall, I was about 15 when he died and never got a chance to fish with him but he gave me my first fishing poles and tackle boxes full of wonderful surprises and his love for fishing is deep within me and I was the one who always grabbed my pole and ran for the water with it even if I had nothing on the end of it to fish with! Lol he owned a taxidermy and fishing shop in downtown Fenton for many years and I used to love to walk up into town to visit him, his love for fishing and the outdoors was second to his love for the Lord and I'm so glad I came across this article! God bless you and yours. Kim Goforth
  15. I bought a couple of E1’s a few years ago and haven’t noticed anything like them for sale since then (but I haven’t been looking). Mr. Chambers recently passed away and I don’t know if any of the Zoom folks will take up the WEC banner. So you may have to resort to collectors to get your hands on a Zoom WEC, probably at exorbitant and quickly rising prices. I see on EBay that they are going for between $40-80. The factory price was $21. the only retail source for WEC that I know was Peepers Baits.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Saugerman

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

    Iv'e been waiting for some of the deep .5 square bills too. Hope he gets some soon.
  18. cadman

    Hooks for DoIt STL-6-A

    Good Info. Welcome to Tackle Underground.
  19. Bentrod425

    Hooks for DoIt STL-6-A

    First time poster here. Long time salmon and Steelhead fisherman and have been tying my own jigs for years, but recently wanted to start pouring my own jig heads, primarily for tying Coho twitching jigs (1/4-1/2 oz), and eventually plan to pour Steelhead jigs (1/16-1/4 oz). I'm sure I'm providing way more info here than necessary, but maybe my story will help someone in the future. To get started I ordered a DoIt mold STL-6-A which as one cavity each of 1/32,1/6, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 oz. I was thinking this would allow me the most options without ordering multiple molds (would need two separate molds to get the 1/4oz and 3/8oz heads I was looking for). I researched here and multiple places about what mold to use and what hooks as I do have my preferences in terms of what type and size of hooks to use for various jigs/presentations, but had a hard time finding any solid info on what alternate hooks might work with this particular mold. I did find a lot of info on various brands of hooks for different applications, how to modify molds, and what hooks might work with other styles of molds, but this mold in particular didn't have much info. My purpose of this posting is to share a bit of info for those who may be looking for it. I do have experience pouring lead for weights, down rigger balls, etc, so already had supplies from that. However, since I'd not done the jig head thing before I ordered the recommended Eagle Claw hooks (635 O'Shaughnessy) in 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0. 2/0 was what I was really after. I was fairly disappointed when the hooks arrived as they have a long shank and being bright finish isn't really what I wanted (prefer black nickel), but to get started they'd do and they're cheap, so won't be too upset about loosing a few to snags. In the meantime I did reach out to a local fishing forum guy I know who I remembered pours his own jigs and I'd not been in touch with for a year or two. Fortunately he was available and gave me some very helpful info. He also thought the Mustad 32833 hook would fit this mold. I immediately ordered some 2/0 Mustads 32833s. In the meantime I cut my teeth with the ECs. I don't have a bottom pour pot, so work old school with a burner, pot, and ladle. I used a candle to blacken the mold cavities before starting. Once the mold was hot I started pouring heads. I used 2/0 hooks and poured a dozen 1/4 and 3/8 oz heads, which worked great. Super easy and very happy with the ease of pouring these heads. I wasted no time in painting and tying up a few twitching jigs since the Coho season is currently under way here. Short story, the jigs were OK, but I still wasn't completely happy with the hooks. The Mustad's came in Friday, so I poured some yesterday. My first concern was that the shorter shank to eye length would not work with the STL-6-A mold or I'd have to modify the mold (didn't really want to do that). However, these seemed to just fit. The other concern was wire diameter, but again, these fit with no problem (2/0 hook for the 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 oz cavities). Pouring went perfectly. These look SO much better to me than the EC O'Shaughnessy hooks for my application. I poured some 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8oz sizes. I haven't had a chance to tye any jigs up yet, but hope to do so and test some jigs out on the water later this week. I think that covers it all, but will add more info if I think of it or if I find out more useful info in regards to this mold in the future. I posted a comparison pic of the 2/0 EC (top) vs the 2/0 Mustad (bottom) from the jigs I poured. Thanks to all for the info posted here. I've enjoyed reading various posts.
  20. MonteSS

    Which way?

    If I rig grubs, tail goes down.
  21. rdhammah

    Which way?

    going to try to combine a swimbait with a curly tail. should I set the tail to curl toward the back or the belly? Anyone try a 2 part top pour mold for a curly tail bait?
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  23. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 1oz Length.jpg

    That is a 1-1/2 Oz jig. Not a 1 oz.
  24. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Hard Tail

    Very nice.
  25. Les Young

    Newbies first attempt

    Great job for sure.
  26. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 Mold.jpg

  27. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 1oz Length.jpg

  28. CNC Molds N Stuff

    1oz a.jpg

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