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  2. The best way I know is to build a warming box with several high watt light bulbs, or place your lure turner in front of a space heater. If you heat newly applied epoxy too much, it will turn to liquid and drip off the lure, or other disasters. Really the best solution? Try a little patience. Build enough crankbaits and it will teach you to have patience. I promise.
  3. heat is the answer, but it is still a chemical reaction....when it is in the 90's here it speeds cure time up.
  4. i just coated some lure blanks with a 2-part epoxy brand new bottle! how do you speed up curing time I mixed it 1:1 ratio?
  5. @azsouth @BobP Thanks for the info and advice!
  6. You can paint on foil and it dries normally. But acrylic paint has fairly weak grip on foil and can be easily scratched or rubbed off, so be careful with it until the durable topcoat is applied.
  7. You might check with Ultramolds. They were working one a while back.
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  9. btsmolds.com has a 4 cavity mold & a 2 cavity skirt mold with or without a center hole in the skirt. May be the best off the shelf option at a pretty good price. Baitjunkys.com or bob at cnc molds & stuff would be well worth checking out if you want a custom made to your specs.Josh at anglingai makes outstanding molds too.
  10. Unless you can find a small fry daddy and install a cock valve on the bottom, I don't know of any commercial equipment.
  11. I use .005 DURA-LAR polyester film it comes 25 sheets 9" X 12" (you have to cut it in half) and I think I got it on amazon. It will be a little tricky to start but then you will like it I do. You can draw your own or just type in google tiger stripes and copy, follow instruction how to bring stripes into the stencil cutter and then your on the way. Go on you tube they will show you how to bring your copy into the cutter. When you get your cutter start with the lightest cut then deeper till you just cut through the .005 Wayne
  12. use a light coating, anything heavy handed will either hide the foil or run. Be sure and not touch the paint on the foil until after the finish is on.
  13. Hello TU Community! So I bought several sheets of lure foil in different patterns but I have yet to try them out. I was just wondering if these foils can be painted over? Seems to me like painting over them may result in running or slowly drying paint. Does anyone have any experience with this they can share? I am using Createx paints.
  14. @ravenlures Just looked up the Silhouette Curio based on your comment. That thing looks like it may be a game changer. Ordering tonight. Thanks man!
  15. I guess he wasnt Wayne
  16. Hi all and thank you so much for the responses/suggestion! I should have been more clear in my original post and I apologize for that. This lure is not jointed. It is a single piece. Also, I don't know if styles of lures are always called the same thing across regions but maybe I should have said I am trying to get a swim bait action. What I am looking for in the action is a lure that makes wide sweeping arcs from left to right when reeled at a steady pace. So, imagine an ice skater just skating across the rink, pushing off with the left leg and gliding out to the right, then pushing off with the right leg and gliding out to the left. That is what I am trying to achieve. The lure below is made by Westin. It is from their Westin Swim line and is exactly what I am going for. My lure body is very similar but I have not yet been able to achieve the action that this thing has. I did watch a guy on YouTube (Solarbaits) showing how to weight glide baits (as they are mostly called here in Germany) and he put two weights, one each, at the front and back of the lure. I may remove all of the lead I have put in, fill the holes in and then re-drill similar to what he did and see what happens. I'll give you guys an update when I have done so. Once again, thank you to all of you awesome and helpful folks for helping me to get better at this awesome hobby!
  17. I bought myself a Sihouette Curio stencil cutter and I make any stencil I want within the limits of the lure. Wayne
  18. Hi @Nim713,, Lots of good suggestions in the comments above. For me just practicing with the airbrush gave me the best results. Each time you mess something up, and you will mess something up, makes you think harder about it the next time around and forces you to get better. One thing I found very helpful is to paint a bait with whatever base colors you choose, then allow it to dry fully. Then lay a piece of tracing paper over the bait and draw out whatever lines/gills/etc. you want exactly where you want them to be on the bait using a pencil with a thick point. Once you draw the outlines flip the tracing paper over and lay it onto a piece of card stock, index card, or some other rather thick paper, and then draw over the lines you made. This will transfer the lead/graphite you did on the lure body onto the thicker paper. Then just remove the tracing paper, go over the lines again to make them more pronounced, cut the shapes out with an exact knife and bam! You have a stencil that will line up perfectly on your bait. The first image I did using the tracing paper method and the second image I did using a mix of the tracing paper method and free hand with the airbrush.
  19. Toadman


    Note I caught 2 muskies on this lure in our fall tournament on the first day. Nothing more exciting than catching fish on something you made yourself! Note the war wounds!!
  20. Toadman


    The perch colored bait started out as a non jointed lure, had terrible action, so I turned it into a wobbler style top water by adding a stainless lip and some screw eyes.
  21. Toadman


    Jr Tiger Musky done using paper stencil, by mistake I put the stripes on upside down on this side. Oh well.
  22. Toadman


    I am partial to perch patterns for some reason
  23. Toadman


    My first attempt at a Northern Pike, not very good - I used a marker and will probably make some sort of stencil for next time.
  24. These lures were both actually "mistakes". Note the stripes on the tiger musky are "upside down" (just on one side) and the topwater bait started out life as a straight un-jointed jerk bait. It had very poor or no action, so I turned it into a jointed top water by cutting the joint, painting the insides black, adding screw eyes and a stainless lip. Hopefully, the fish won't notice. Are they perfect, absolutely not, that's my point. Just experiment, you might surprise yourself.
  25. Is anyone familiar with an alternative to Lee pots for pouring open mold soft plastics. Not looking to use Presto pots. Thanks for any help.
  26. It's actually pretty ingenious...check it out: https://store.do-itmolds.com/3-Skirted-Chub-Grub_p_162.html http://www.basstackle.com/Twin_Tail_Skirt_Grub_Mold_3_p/twintailskirtgrub3inch.htm
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