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  2. I use Dick Nite MCU over baits painted with acrylic latex (various brands) and don’t have wrinkling. You didn’t give details on how exactly you apply the MCU, which may be the root of the problem. I have dipped but usually now brush MCU on. I use a 1/2” brush to quickly flood coat the lures, then hang them to let excess MCU drip off the tails. I usually go with a single coat of Dick Nite. When I first started using MCU I rotated the lures while drying because that’s what I was used to doing with epoxy. Big mistake. It allowed MCU to pool on the lure for too long, which caused wrinkling. Just hanging them up is the way to go, IMO.
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  4. Check to see if Curt has one at enforcer molds/ I have a couple of his single cavity 4 inchers & they work great.
  5. salt & pepper shaker works well sometimes.
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  7. long time lurker here and ive made some nice baits since. i ran out of the epoxy i was using and decided to try an mcu. used dick nites s81. so i know its something im doing because i tested the mcu on jigs i painted with createx. i didnt use any pearl colors. moving forward i am using blank hard plastics and painted similar designs with similar colors, using createx pearls. i have wrinkles in all of them, i allowed them to dry for 24hrs, another for 48 hrs and the last one for a week before applying mcu. they all have wrinkles, and its only when i use pearls. i did see someone mention putting a gloss top on and that did not work. im out of ideas. is it the pearl colors?
  8. Epoxy paint holds up well. I bought 75 spinnerbait bodies from the mod of this site. All are red epoxy. It is incredibly difficult to get it off to use a different color.
  9. The RCBS Pro Melt Pot that I've been using for a couple years now handles the 5lb bars from Roto Metals without having to break them down. I still had to break down some larger lead block I received. Sold off all my Lee pots. If my RCBS pot ever has a problem I'll pay the extra for another one. No more Lee pots for me.
  10. I've tried to use the tap brush method, and even dropped a pinch of powder paint over the heated spinnerbait head. I learned pretty quickly I'm not Smalljaw or Cadman. Grrr!!! I use Rustoleum Etching primer (thank you Ted) on my spinnerbait heads, and then paint them with Createx and an artist's brush, heat setting each color before I add the next. I found I have much better control doing it that way, and get decent results. I top coat with clear nail polish, and it holds up really well.
  11. One more time, you make it look easy. A word of warning. Don't try and use Glo Nation powder instead of power paint. You'll melt the lead before you get the Glo paint to stick. Don't ask me how I know. Hahaha
  12. Depends on the complexity. Pm me a copy of your design, or pm me your phone number and we can talk about it first. I have quite a few questions.
  13. Instead of shaking paint you can “ tap” it with a makeup brush. Cadman is the tapping guru around here. Look up some of the threads on tapping.
  14. you will have to get a few jars to fill this up but this is how i powder coat spinnerbaits. I would use a fluid bed (home made) but I can't get the paint to flow right.
  15. Hello all, New to TU but lots of great stuff on here. I've recently tried my hand at building some spinnerbaits and I was wondering what method people use to paint thier Spinnerbait heads? I've done many jig heads but they are small and fit easily into the bottle that the paint comes in but the spinnerbaits with the 4/0 hook doesnt go over so well and the side with the spinnerbait arm is worse. For my first few I cut a slot in the side of small container that I slip the spinnerbait arm into to allow the head and hook to lay flat. Then I shake the head around a bit and cover it in powder paint and its good to go. It still makes a mess though as some powder paint slips out of the slot. I tried shaking some onto the head ( kinda like putting salt on something) but I ended up with patchy results. Thanks in advance for the info! Carmine
  16. I am looking for someone to draw up a custom mold ( do-it style) for me. I have some one to cut it, if you aren't able to. Anyone know who can do this? Any ideas on cost?
  17. can you make hand pour mold from older molds.
  18. Do you have 3/0 4/0 hooks for doit molds.
  19. can you make molds from old molds.
  20. Howard Real

    High Rock Molds

    can you make molds from a older molds they still work just want newer ones.
  21. can you make molds my mold are getting old need some new ones.
  22. can you make molds I have the old ones.
  23. GREAT thread!!! this has given me some awesome ideas Tally
  24. I guess at this point I should build a positive and get a mold going and start playing.
  25. I would have a small tube chamber with 3 - 4 small steel balls in the front end for making the noise. I would fix the rear weight as that is the critical balance. Dave
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