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  2. Goby Bryant

    Best softest plastic

    I was wondering what's the softest mold puring for a soft swimbait? Thanks you to anyone who can point me In the best direction
  3. Today
  4. sonoman

    do it mold questions

    For those of you that have these molds, What is the difference in a Sparkie hed, Arky hed and I see an "s" hed ? which visually appear very
  5. Tally

    #11 pork frog look alike?

    anyone here making #11 pork frog look alike in plastic? I am looking for one that is a heavier (tougher) plastic than whats available at the store. They rip way to easy. Heavily salted in brown and in black. Tally
  6. Tally

    Obsolete powder paint

    Thanks Allen.... I contacted them a few months back and they were out of it too. I might buzz them again just in case they were blowing me off. lol Just sent them an email. I will let you know his reply
  7. rockslide

    Clear glitter

    I'm looking for some clear glitter that suspends! I will take any size but would like something around the .40 size. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  8. Munkin

    Obsolete powder paint Found this. Allen
  9. Burt

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    I got frustrated with clipping to 6# so I have spliced a 12" to 24" piece of 12# mono to my braid and then to my 6# leader, this allows easy clip on and makes for an easier tie if I need to redo the 6#. Sounds complicated but it's easy and makes the whole f&f easier. If snagged all I have to do is unclip float and reel down to jig.
  10. saratovfishing

    Berkley powerbait worms

    There is such a form of a worm, but they make forms in Russia.
  11. Tally

    Obsolete powder paint

    Still looking. Cadman sold what he had a few years back
  12. ddl

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    another thing to test,but for now im happy with art resine. tks
  13. Saugerman

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    The Dead ON Plastix takes reheats better than any plastic I have ever used. I have used several, but not all brands out there. You can make a mistake and let it get to 370 degrees, and it still hasn't ever burned, or yellowed. I am sold, it is the only plastic I will use from now on. I have no ties with them in any way. I'm just telling my opinion about there plastic. I have not used any of there other products. Mine has set for months, due to illness, and it will separate , but after stirring it seems just fine. Just my 2 cents.
  14. BobP

    Dev 2ton touch up

    To fill in a fisheye, you have to use just enough epoxy to fill the void, no more. So it really becomes artistry and luck. Or you can go whole hog. Overfill the fisheye slightly, fully cure it. Resand the entire lure, clean with some denatured alcohol. Now re-epoxy the lure, you’re right, the bass don’t care.
  15. BobP

    Extending pot life of slow cure epoxy?

    I like Rod Bond regular speed paste epoxy for installing lips. The pot/work time is about an hour. It gets fairly hard in 6 hrs, full cure 12-18 hrs. Makes for easy installation, waterproof,
  16. mark poulson

    Obsolete powder paint

    I resemble that remark! Hahaha
  17. mark poulson

    Florist’s Wire

    I have to have something to do when it's cold and nasty! Hahaha
  18. Cole's Customs

    used plastic organization

    sweet! Thank you guys!
  19. 21xdc

    Florist’s Wire

    Who changes skirts? Most change jigs. Tying another knot is much faster than a skirt for me.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Les Young

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    Thanks Burt. I figured it wouldn't be that big a deal, but i haven't fished it in a long time, but then it was with the 3 way swivel & a liter & bobber. I figured i'd be able to do it with a lot less rigging headaches & try to keep the old hands drier & warmer too. lol Would the small floats work with 6 lb. mono ok too? Thanks
  22. wiseman

    BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    sorry I just saw that they are sold
  23. gaspumper

    Brown bucktail hair

    I dye a lot of the leftover brown buctails to black.
  24. wiseman

    BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    I know it's a year later but do you still have the 2 do-it fluke molds?
  25. Burt

    Brown bucktail hair

    Jigs with brown bucktail and flashabou have caught bonefish to smallmouth bass for me - lots of brown food in saltwater.
  26. Burt

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    I use a weighted cigar shape that is perfect for "up bites" as well as the usual down - the small one is perfect for 1/16th oz with a 9-14" flouro leader - don't know the name but they are popular around crappie folks
  27. Munkin

    Florist’s Wire

    I have changed out the skirt on a jig twice in 25 years. The jigs I use most often I carry at least 12 each. Allen
  28. Bigmouth

    Florist’s Wire

    I agree. Even the simple double overhand knot that I’ve been talking about is hard to get off with just my thumb nail.
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