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  2. Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    Don't know if someone mentioned it yet, but are you using good, soft lead? Some molds are a real bear to pour with unless you are using good lead. I have 2 molds like that. Also, I never empty the pot when done with a session of pouring. I see no need for it.
  3. Affordable Balsa Sealer

    Concrete sealers will work as a dip and hang..hold them under for a minute or two then hang to dry..( dab off excess..)when dry.. give a light sanding and dip in and right out of the sealer this time..let dry again and move on..Nathan
  4. Jacobs Tube Bait - 1 1/2" - 12 cavity mold

    I will take it. Lost patience with your failure to respond and have ordered from Jacobs. If it's what I think it is I will want another mold in the future.
  5. Boss illusion paint

    Might try posting in the Wire Bait forum.
  6. 20170602_083748.jpg

    Thanks. Truth be known, it was made from a real shad replica. I can make hard swimbaits, but cannot get the realism like the real thing. It swims best in a soft plastic version.
  7. Designing and building a popper cork

    Really great video. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Modifying a Poison Tail ll mold

    Got my mold back from the machine shop. I’ll pour some ton Guy Lord willing and see the results. Looks promising!
  9. Lure eye placement

    Hey Mr Stone, I remembered you saying you don't have a lathe, and I just received an email from Instructables on turning without a lathe. The method uses a band saw: There's also this from Izzy Swan on how to use a table saw as a lathe:
  10. Modifying a Poison Tail ll mold

    There’s definitely some improvements to be made on my mold modifications, but I don’t think it turned out to bad. That’s. 1/4 oz with a 4/0 heavy wire VMC hook. I am taking the mold to a local machine shop, to see if they can tweak the 3/8oz slot for me.
  11. 12" Slug-go mold?

    Just have a quick question regarding big Slug-go's type molds. Are there any, lol? I can buy pre-rigged 12" Slug-go's and make my own molds out of resin like I did for the 9" version, but boy that was a lot of work. And then I have to remove two hooks. I spent a lot of time with the dremel grinding out the body cavity to make 'my Fatty's'. Bottomline: I want a 'Fatty' 12" Slug-go to make Rainbow trouts to throw for big Stripers. They eat the stocked trout for breakfast. Matching the hatch sort of speak.
  12. Poison tail hook help

  13. Poison tail hook help

    here is one I made last night with a VMC 7346 special wide gap in 6/0. it's not to bad. I know I need to straightedge then bait out, just took a quick picture. This is a 4.8 Keitech fat impact
  14. Poison tail hook help

    You can buy the Owner Twist Lock Light hook in a 6/0 and take the screw lock off of it and it should work but they are costly. I have used the 3/0 and 4/0 Owner Twist Lock Light in the poison tail mold in the 1/4oz and 3/8oz cavities and it worked really well. I also hate that they call that hook "light", it isn't light, I use them for fishing soft jerkbaits and it is a medium wire hook, I'd have no problem using 30lb braid with those hooks in larger sizes.
  15. Poison tail hook help

    60° will not work. The eye to the hook shank is too deep.
  16. Poison tail hook help

    I found some 9/0 wide gap and I have those but I was looking to see if there was something bigger in the straight gap. Do you know if a 60 degree hook will work in there?
  17. Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    If needed I take an old heating pad ,lay the hooks on one end and then fold it in half. unfold and remove a HEATED HOOK when ready to pour
  18. Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    We (Get Bit Custom Baits) just received a large order of 90mm, 110mm, and 130mm should be here Friday...they will be loaded in stock by tomorrow afternoon. (Friday)
  19. Poison tail hook help

    In the 32886 round bend, the biggest I've seen is 5/0. If you want to use the EWG 91768 Mustad hook, that the mold was originally designed for, that hook goes up to 8/0. depending on what cavity you want that hook to fit, you may have to modify the mold.
  20. Affordable Balsa Sealer

    what is the most affordable way to seal balsa blanks. I know super glue etc however looking for a dip and hang function
  21. BT 716 Tiny Craw

    Dont have it anymore.
  22. Plastisol, colors, and glitter

    Get in touch with Ozark Tackle. They're in Pevely, MO, just down I-55 from you. Good stuff, good prices and you can save a bunch on shipping.
  23. Respirator for water based paint?

    What are thoughts on the necessity of either a paint booth/hood or a respirator when spraying Creatx water based paint? I’ve noticed that I don’t see them in any how-too YouTube videos.
  24. 20170602_083748.jpg

    What techniques did you use to get it so realistic?! Amazing work!
  25. Mylar Colors

    Mylar is just a trade name for Polyester Film coined by DuPont I believe. This is just glitter like the rest, except it is not metalized and has nice rainbow-esqe look. Some call it Disco Glitter some call it Sparkle Glitter. It so far comes in three shades Green, Blue/Violet, Gold. Some suppliers sell it so you have to search for it. The key with this glitter is heat resistance as it is notorious for not being able to withstand high temps. When you do find the good stuff that can stand the heat you will know it because it will be expensive. If you want the actual film I know LureWorks sells the green shade like this. Dont waste your time on a Coffee Grinder that aint gonna work. You need an afternoon to waste and a good pair of scissors.
  26. Boss illusion paint

    Hey everyone, i bought some of the boss illusion powder paint and silver vein bass and am really unsure how to use it. An old thread on here mentioned their instructions didn’t replicate their results- and that reaching out to them didn’t appear to be helpful either. Another thread failed to mention any tips on how to consistently get the effect. Anyone have very detailed instructions on how to do this correctly consistently? Thanks for any tips!
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