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    Injectors ?

    Some do some don’t. There’s a warning on there site about not having locking pins. For there two color system.
  3. That is a BTS mold, Bobs tackle shack, great mold btsmolds.com
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  5. I would rather have plastic Thanks
  6. I think the weight is the main factor and location that it’s being shipped too. I wish theirs a company in the U.S that sells this stuff that would be willing to sell to the small DYI guys.
  7. Assuming you have the correct light wave frequency for the cure of your product. Distance from your light source is absolutely critical. Cure effectiveness deteriorates at a rate of 8:1. in other words, increase the distance by one inch and the cure effectiveness is reduced massively. Dave
  8. I have a Do-It injector, and it has the locking pins on the nozzle.
  9. here is a popper lure that I made get back to me about more details.
  10. B-Rad - don't take this particular post too seriously. We all flex our ideological muscles occasionally on this site, but it is fairly meaningless. Arrive at your own conclusions. This forum is comprised of lure genius, but we rarely agree on a majority of issues. This is a good thing as you get to make your own decisions. Read, take it all in and decide for yourself. Dave
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  12. are we talking wood or plastic blanks?
  13. similar to the yozuri lures; like the Big Game bonita 6.75" long also like the MagBay Marauder 8" long also top water poppers Anything for wahoo, mahi-mahi and tuna Thanks
  14. Hello all: First post here. Nice to have this resource. I am refurbishing several old rods and have cleaned the cork parts thoroughly and applied/sanded Roddancer Pit Paste. Anyone have preference on a finish to apply over this? Thanks!
  15. Learning does not make you a hack at all. We all started somewhere and have all made ugly lures and failures with action. I still do at times lol. I can tell you myself and many on this forum are willing to help you learn as well. I can paint but not to the level of some here. I am more interested in the action. If you ever need help bringing one of your pencils to life ask I bet you will be met with help and no judgment Too many are heated over competition in their painting market and are forgetting that if you are in business finding out how to stand out from your competition is part of the game I am of the mindset I don’t worry about another’s hobby or business because it’s not mine to worry about I actually find these threads funny in a sick way
  16. I found this site while looking for advice about epoxy coatings. Great info, so I signed up. This is probably the third forum string I have read. WOW! Pretty heated. I am one of the hacks that just started doing this about 3 months ago. I saw Marling Baits on YouTube and thought it would be fun. I bought a cheap airbrush on Amazon, a block of balsa and some other materials and now I'm a bait maker. Every time i paint a new bait (about 15 so far), I improve or at least learn something. When I am done painting and coating a bait and it looks like something I would buy I get pretty excited. I don't however, call it a lure until i see it swim. I have had plenty of misfires so far. Baits that look like what I was going for i.e.: rainbow trout, perch, crappie, shad, but when retrieved on a line they have about as much action as a pencil. Paint schemes catch fishermen but a lures action catches fish. It is the reason a white twister tail grub on a naked lead jig will catch fish almost everywhere you can cast a line. No paint scheme needed. Just one hacks opinion.
  17. I am looking for a 3/0 hook to pour finesse football jigs. Please share your experience with premium hooks that will fit this mold. FBW-4-AF FB Jig mold
  18. yes I am using a 60watt led uv light mounted on a stand to shine on the lure blanks works good but can take up to 4 hours to cure I think it is probably the uv resin.i don't use a turner just a wood rack with nails to suspend the lure blanks have to rotate blanks to get all sides cured!
  19. are you using a UV light source or just setting them outside? Also are you using a lure turner I'm just curious myself. I heard the the UV resins cure harder than KBS diamond clear. (dipping method).. and are better chip resistant. Ive thought about trying one myself
  20. Good callout, I should have added that.
  21. what style are you looking for a topwater, diver ,cigar shaped detailed?post some pictures
  22. Very interesting. I wonder if that is cheaper to ship than a liquid. Do we know if this stuff is safer than our typical plastisol? I would rather not try products with a higher health risk. It seems to be similar or safer, but not sure.
  23. I'm looking to airbrush some unpainted saltwater hard baits in the 7"to 9" range but can't find a source. Can anyone help with this dilemma. Thanks
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