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  2. blue lead

    Wikipedia says " When freshly cut, lead is bluish-white; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air" I don't have this problem (Blue) with scrap lead . the longer stuff sets the darker it gets. I wasn't going to paint this. Oh well. just curious other peoples's experience. Thanks,
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  4. blue lead

    I have seem lead that was like a rainbow. Blue ,red or pink spots. It was darker than the other lead I had. Was told it was very pure lead. Maybe pure that has been cleaned. It poured real good and once it was painted look real good.
  5. Hello from South Ga (Lake Seminole Area)

    Welcome aboard!!
  6. Hello from South Ga (Lake Seminole Area)

    Hello Everyone, Awesome forum! Thanks for allowing me to join the community. I love building and fishing jigs and spinner baits, maybe some day I'll get around to pouring plastic. I'm sure this forum will be a great resource for me to refer to while starting back building. I'm not sure of what the make up is of business owners to hobbyist on the site, but I hope to engage fellow business owners on manufacturing methods, marketing, and material sourcing in the future. I work as a manufacturing specialist (admin) for a local plant that builds engine and transmission components for just about all your major automakers. And I have finally started my own business! (life long dream). I think my business model is unique, I don't only want to sell my own baits, I also want to sell quality baits made by other smaller manufacturers and avid fishermen. I'm sure this has been thought of before, but I don't see the execution. I want to be the "Tackle Warehouse" for smaller custom manufacturers. (A guy can dream right) Thanks for help, and hopefully warm welcomes. If there is anyone I can help, or take fishing on Lake Seminole let me know, Bait Monkey
  7. Doit Randy Howell magnum shaky head

    I pour them but do not care for the bait keeper. Modified one for a coil bait keeper and another for a wire “hook” keeper. 1 1/4 ounce is a pretty big head.
  8. mold modifier

    this is what it would look like. it would weigh approx 11/16oz
  9. mold modifier

    If you want to call or email me we could talk. 660-547-2874 david at
  10. Doit Randy Howell magnum shaky head

    How big are they...i have a thirteen inch worm mold and throw them on big football heads and debated on trying them on one of these.
  11. Doit Randy Howell magnum shaky head

    I have the mold and poured a few. They pour well, but I just don’t use them much.
  12. mold modifier

    It is a DO-IT ball head mold. guessing cylinder diameter is 3/8”, length 1/2”
  13. blue lead

    it somehow oxidized, either by over heating or some type of zinc was introduced to it.
  14. blue lead

    Nope, I can honestly say I’ve never seen lead turn blue like that. I’ve seen some other issues with lead nowadays but not the blue coloring. Really makes me question where I should source your lead from in the future.
  15. Good Glitter source

    You want .008 Holo silver. I looks amazing. I tried .004 but it was too small. Ebay is cheap and easiest.
  16. Scrap Plastic, pre-ground

    Josh, what other colors do you have now available, besides the green pumpkin, and watermelon red, Iv'e been buying? Iv'e been pretty happy with what Iv'e been getting.
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  18. blue lead

    I buy pure lead with a analysis I think 99.9% lead. I looked at the analysis and it's all minute amounts of other stuff, I have bought a lot of this lead and usually mix antimony with it for spincasting, never blue I hand poured some jigs and they all turned blue. but it has been a long time since I've seen it turn blue but this is really bad. here's a pic of the cut off sprus anybody ever experience this?
  19. Handmade Tubes and Splitter Advice

    I don't know. I guess you could.
  20. South African Tilapia .jpeg

    Beautiful job all the way around! That eye is an awesome touch.
  21. mold modifier

    what is the diameter is the cylinder? is is a do-it mold?
  22. I am the one with the eyes for swim baits .

     email me  at

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    2. Bass-Boys


      I do not,,, going out of business...  I have 3 D eyes ,..   4,5,6,7 and 8 mm .. most sizes I have 3 colors ...   Silver ,, Gold and Red.

       all are just like the picture I posted. very nice eyes.  stick on then dip .

       I can send you 100 eyes  for $ 5.00.. that will cover the pay pal fees and shipping .

       I had a web site .         mite still be there .. it will be gone the 1st of june I think .

       Give me a pay pal email and I will send you an invoice.....    can   send  an assortment  of any colors and sizes.. total 100 eyes..


    3. Bronzeback Cowboy

      Bronzeback Cowboy What made you decide to get out of the soft plastic game?

    4. Bass-Boys


      been doing it for 13 years,,  my day job  has been working me overtime a lot and that doesn't leave enough time to make baits for the 9 shops I had .

       just time to only do baits for friends and family..

       invoice on the way ..  

        is that swim bait the only one you have for eyes?   or do you need different sizes for other stuff ?


  23. Lure eyes for swimbaits

    I will send you a PM message
  24. Handmade Tubes and Splitter Advice

    Could you use a cooking spray?
  25. 2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    Nice! I think I will try this myself. Great tip!
  26. Handmade Tubes and Splitter Advice

    I haven't done it enough to comment on the blades. I use food grade mineral oil I got at the local hardware store.
  27. 2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    No just oil from the kitchen. I keep a small bottle of it on the work bench at all times. When a rod needs some slickum I just dip the tip in the oil and go.
  28. good way to fill up truewire slit ?

    So when you guys are talking epoxy for the slot, is it like a 5 minute epoxy or something more like enviortex? I also have a west systems 15minute epoxy which is very strong. The problem is for me that it starts to leak out of the ends especially if my lure isn't flat bottom, creating a huge mess and not completely filling the slot. I've never added sawdust which I would imagine would help. And I usually make 8-14" lures, so 5 minute epoxy in those small tubes would be way to expensive. I usually do a bit of epoxy, then fill the rest up with bondo, but it is time consuming and difficult to end up with a very smooth product. Just looking to make this a bit easier, wondering if anyone has any other tips. I think for myself, I also need a thin kerf blade, that would help a bit also. I cut my slot with a radial arm saw that I made a jig on, that works great.
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