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  2. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Many of us have had that problem since the last server update. When you visit the site, just click on any forum and you should be logged in. In other words, your password is saved. You just don't know it. LOL
  3. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    Pretty close. Only 3.5". I wish they made a bigger one also
  4. History of tackleunderground

    Amazing isn't it Nathan. I started making baits when I was 40. I will be 61 in Feb. so I guess your are right. To me, it is a wonderful thing to have a hobby that carries on for so long which also results in such great friendships that last as well. Skeeter
  5. Lure consistency

    I got out of making crankbaits for the past 2 yrs. I just plain got burnt out. I am going to get back at it again soon. What I have decided to do is make baits and just enjoy making them again. What I make is for sale if someone wants them. Anyone that really makes baits for sale can tell you is that you have to be there for your customers. Even if you aren't making baits at the time, you have to make yourself available in case someone needs something. This is especially true for pros or the truly dedicated. My phone blew up so much with calls that the fun went out of making the baits. When I got to the point that I was having trouble keeping up with demand I sat down and re-thought how to do business. For me, when I got to the point where most of my free time was ate up with making baits, the fun went out of it. So my new plan is to just make them when I feel like it. The fun needs to be put back into my hobby. That is one of the reasons that I started making baits in the first place. Skeeter
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  7. Trigger Transplant

    probably so...
  8. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    Hi close is the ripper to a kietech fat swing impact....thanks
  9. SF true smelt

    WOW! Very impressive!
  10. Micro bubbles

    I myself have to disagree, the bubbles you are seeing is simply air. Well air does have moisture in it. Moisture typically foams on top. At 350 degrees moisture will boil. And your cup would be spitting and sputtering at you. Ive degassed 1000s of gallons of plastic. And shook the piss out of it jusf to see bubbles come back. Especially in cooler weather. Thicker the material easier it captures air.
  11. Micro bubbles

    Questions: It appears that you are using a 2 cup pyrex with only about a cup of plastic is there a reason for this? How much plastic are you heating up from the start? What's your heat up sequence? What wattage is your micro? Once heated are you seeing any vapor? I would suggest the following: Take 8 oz mix colors in prior to heating if your not, 900Watt micro set for 2 mins, stir and set for 1 min. Stir from the center out to disperse heat, the viscosity of the plastic should allow for the bubbles to rise, if you don't see them rise bump the plastic for an additional 30 seconds and observe. The bubbles should rise from the center and gather along the edge of the pyrex under normal circumstances. Judging by the photo there's enough bubbles where that's probably not going to happen and it will look like the head of a beer. The bubbles in the pic are normally associated with moisture but since you've already stated the lack of humidity that rules that out.
  12. 5" FLUKES

    How many of you guys on here are making 5" Flukes (jerk baits) ? Thinking about getting a 5" mold from DelMart and was wondering how many you guys are getting out of a cup of plastic? Also, how much salt should I add for weight and is medium plastic good enough or should I go softer?
  13. doit football with screwlock hook

    correct, and I am hoping someone knows of a 6/0 in that style.
  14. Mustad Triple Grip Hooks

    Noted. I probably will only use these with jerk baits, so not a big deal. Thanks!
  15. Lure consistency

    we build baits in many aspects. molded baits,and lathe baits to flat sided bandsaw baits. one major factor is WOOD. even after 40 years of this craziness I still feel wood is the holy grail.theres always a magic bullet in every batch of handbuilt wooden lures..thats what every fisherman seeks for pricing lol. yes years ago 1.99 was big money for a lure.,usually those were in dads box and you could only look and not touch.
  16. doit football with screwlock hook

    There are a lot of different hooks that fit that mold but I don't think any of them are available in 6/0. That mold takes a standard wire flat eye hook, Mustad 32798, Gamakatsu 614, Eagle Claw 2798BP, Owner 5326, and that is just a few but none of those hooks are made in a 6/0, at least that I'm aware of.
  17. Lure consistency

    I believe you find a lot of them at lure collector shows because they appreciate the quality, also they tend to be tournament guys, looking for an edge or to have something that the others don't have...I can tell you that most do not show the general public what they actually use unless its on purpose and the cameras rolling, sponsors need love too.
  18. gold and silver paint

    I have never found any paint that I was happy with the shine of the paint. However I have found the gold and silver metallic foils from a couple sources, that produce an excellent mirror like finish and probably what your looking for. You has also get some cool holographic colors as well.
  19. Awesome Colors!! & Chrome

    I just ordered the stuff so we shall see!
  20. Micro bubbles

    Jesse. one way I found to get my plastisol to the right temp. consistently without burning it is to always heat the same amount, so I can eliminate the variable of quantity.
  21. New chrome brush on paint?

    I look forward to seeing the results.
  22. Clear Coat

    Don't want you to feel ignored. Welcome to TU. Now, to answer your question, the answer is "it depends". Assuming that you use only dyes and pigments added to the plastisol, you do not need any clear coat. If you paint the soft plastic lure, then only a very very few paints will adhere to the soft plastic. You must use a clear to keep the paints on the plastic. In this case, the most common clear is clear plastisol used as a dip. It protects the paint job and gives it a glass like look. I even use Alumidust and brush it on the lure, then dip in clear to protect and give it that great glass look. If you paint the soft plastic with one of the solvent based paints designed to stick to soft plastic baits, then you might not need a clear coat, but they make a clear in that paint to go over it. Also, that clear will work to cover the water based paints the same company sells for soft plastic baits. I don't use it so I don't have a maker for you, but I know others here do. I hope this helps some.
  23. Trigger Transplant

    I have a local buddy who, I am pretty certain, can add a trigger. In fact, he likes new and challenging projects like this! Is this who I think it is?
  24. Kelvar mesh for strengthing soft plastic baits

    I would never doubt the Alumilite guys, but don't tell Mike that I used Nylon without issues. I have done a lot of testing for him, but perhaps someone else did have issues. LOL
  25. Chemical components of Plastisol

    "Alumisol Soft Plastic Quick and easy to use phthalate-free system enables you to pour extremely soft rubber parts. Perfect for lure makers, special effects artists, rapid prototyping, and medical reproductions such as skin, fat, and muscle tissue. 1-part, heat & pour material." I think most Plastisols are going phthalate free. I am not sure why fishing lures need to be phthalate free, they don't digest it, but .............
  26. Chemical components of Plastisol

    That might be a good question for Nathan. Personally, I have not changed mine on TU in years.
  27. Awesome Colors!! & Chrome

    The chrome nail polish I used a few years ago would scratch and peel after a few fish. A clear coat would always turn it grey. Every chrome I have used to date turns grey when I clear coat it, even the "Sally Hansen Hard as Nails". And yes, UV cure is what most of you know I use all the time. But, maybe there is a true new product.......
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