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  2. resin 3 piece swimbait. Zombie shad With uv reactive bones and eyes
  3. These are a special find. Thank you for sharing. I’ll let you know how it works out.
  4. bradsbaits


    The One Eyed Crank. Made from high grade Balsa wood. My own rattle chamber design. Painted in a pattern I call Freaky Frog.
  5. That looks interesting, do two work for dual injection?
  6. Today
  7. Thanks Mate. Not enough big to disturb, but my wife realized it in the right moment.
  8. Thank you very much. Actually this is ceramic coating and fiber laser technic.
  9. handcrafted bamboo blank converted into a 3pc. spinning rod using MicroWave 20 Titanium guides, Aero Reelseat and custom cork grip
  10. Yes the the front legs are 550 paracord.
  11. Thank you guys ! This one is a total of 2 1/2 inches but can tied in any size .
  12. This might work. It's what I heat my plastisol in: https://www.amazon.com/Norpro-Silicone-Measuring-Flexible-Dishwasher/dp/B002MKP24K
  13. Cypress Hand carve in A Small-mouth Pattern
  14. Here they are from Eagle Claw's website. They say these don't have a curved point and will be offered in the laser sharp and Trokar models. Supposed to be available in July of 2019 they still aren't here, I'd like to see how different they are as well. https://www.eagleclaw.com/l570vp-pro-v-jig-hook
  15. Hi all, I’ve recently started airbrushing a 3.5” btsmolds swim bait, model 637. I’m using the SpikeIt/LureWorks CoLure Coat paint, in my novice opinion, the stuff works great. Recently ran into a problem with splotches forming, but realized I didn’t do a good enough job removing the oil from the bait first. (Side question, I’m using pre-moistened lens wipes(isopropyl alcohol), is there something different better to use?) Anyhow. I have a quart of Clearasol 4650, I thought using a narrow, but taller than 4 inch cylindrical Pyrex styled heating container would be best for dipping. Anyone have any ideas, search keywords, or experience with using a regular old 1 cup size Pyrex measuring cup? I am concerned with waste & folding of the bait, should I go the way of the measuring cup. Thanks in advance & Stay Well!
  16. No doubt, some great creativity and generosity being shown by everyone involved. Do you have a Facebook page up? Would like to see what else you do. Ill have to look for you. If interested u can find me there at metalhead custom musky baits. Stay well! -Wes
  17. You have nothing to be sorry for...LOL. TW causes confusion by listing that hook differently than other sources. I would also say it is part Eagle Claw, they might have sold those hooks to TW as the pro v model. When Eagle Claw retooled and introduced the new hooks they also had a new finish which was originally marketed as the "black pearl" series. Later on they changed it to the "black platinum" series which we all know as BP after the number. I'm beginning to wonder if Eagle Claw just decided there is no reason for another hook and just scrap the entire thing. BTW, there is a hook made by Mustad, the 32500 skipjack hook which is Mustad's version of the sickle hook. It is more of a hybrid between a round bend and a sickle as the angles aren't as sharp as Matzuo or Eagle Claw. The skipjack hook is a little heavier and stronger while the lil nasty is much sharper, pros and cons to each.
  18. It works well. I made this with wire through construction . The wire in the front feeds through the hook on the belly and the skirt is over the rear loop and the hook is then attached. The skirt can not come off unless a fish rips it up.
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