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    Bleeding blue

    Bleeding blue
  3. Any body running the Lithium Pro 36 volt? The battery and charger kit is high as a set of giraffes nuts! Wonder if it's worth it and what the life is? Regards, Blades
  4. Actually that's a twist on something I heard from a designer in Bulgaria I sometimes work with. He says around where he lives they say, "The better is your 4x4 the further you have to walk to find a tractor when you get stuck."
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  6. Thanks, I was able to get to the site via a link, but google search the link goes to dead webpage. Strange!
  7. I just received my Curio stencil cutter so far good, I just need a different material, mine is .005 and what I ordered is .003 plus different blades. Wayne
  8. It's up, just went there, try again!
  9. Did Bait Plastics go out of business? Site is down. Is there still a way to get Bait Junkys plastic? Thanks
  10. I used my North American fish handbook to paint sort of a Red Breast Sunfish DT-10. Not an exact match, but I was trying to get close with the colors and proportions...and it was fun to try. I have also used pictures of fish from the internet for some patterns.
  11. I did some stencil experimenting this week. First I cut a couple of stencils with flat material with an Exacto knife and then vacuum formed them. A couple came out okay and a couple had the cuts enlarge (maybe what Desertbird and Whitaker201were suggesting.) So then I cut a few and before vacuum forming them, I used masking tape over the cuttings to seal them and hopefully keep them from spreading. This worked fine. The cuts retained their shape. I think this may work with stencils cut with a Cricut or Silhouette cutter. When vacuum forming like this, one of the challenges of a precut stencil is getting it to line up properly during the forming. This works okay for things like a crappie pattern, but don’t know how it will work for stencils the require more precision.
  12. Just a few drops of heat stabilizer is all that is needed. Be careful mixing colors or the end result will be brown.
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  14. Yes you can, add a little heat stabilizer, cut it up into small pieces and you will be good to go.
  15. I just started pouring soft plastic baits, can I melt and use leftover already colored plastic that has cooled?
  16. The top post by Curt is a list of the 3 winners in each category, and if you look above that and a bit to the left, you will see "Lure Contest." Click on that and you can look at any of the years contests, from 2014 to 2019, including all pictures and submissions. Hope this helps.
  17. where do i find the pictures of winning and all other entries????
  18. where do i find the winners and all the entries??? i am new here and am having a HARD time finding my way around
  19. Tyvek is FREE. Go to the post office and get the PRIORITY MAIL ENVELOPS , cut them to fit , either glue them to the bottom of cups or hold in with a test cap (with center knocked out )
  20. It's called fluidizing plate. I've bought some before. I'm not sure it's really that much of an advantage. I mostly use Tyvek on mine now.
  21. Nice !! It reminded me that I need to pour some more Ultra Minnow jigs
  22. This is the stuff you want. http://www.powderboothparts.com/cart/index.php?target=products&product_id=937
  23. Quick question regarding the available scents on offer for soft bait makers. Is it sold as an extract providing the scent only or is it much like the refined oil which can be bought and consumed as a fish oil protein/ amino fatty acid supplement. I do not add any scent/ oils to my finished products but do add scent in the final stage of cooking my plastisol just before pouring. You hear of Amino infused soft baits. Just wondering if I'm on the right line of thought.
  24. danthefisherman

    2019-03-17 17.58.44

    Looks so good! Well done, Rod!
  25. I was making these a couple of years ago, and never wrote it down. figured it out while experimenting. I was making Senko type. I need to make more. As soon as I figure it out ( again ) and write it down this time I will post it. I remember using amber green, some watermelon, and green and orange glitter. I find this color deadly.
  26. June bug stick baits 30 drops LC Black grape color 1 1/2 teaspoon medium green flake 1/2 cup salt 1 1/2 cups of plastisol
  27. Chartreuse stick baits 50 drops LC Fluorescent Chartreuse color 1 teaspoon medium silver flake 1/2 cup of salt 1 1/2 cups plastisol be sure to add the Fluorescent color before heating.
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