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  2. Yep like mentioned. Lead sheets are usually soft. If you want to know how soft it is, take your fingernail and see if you can scratch it to the shiny stuff underneath. If it scratches easily it is soft. As far as anything with lead acid batteries including posts, I would pass on those. Take the sheets.
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  4. I have 300+ lbs of sheet lead and it's soft... I never saw any plastic on mine. Peel it off first if you can. If not, I'd melt it in a junk pot and pour ingots to use later in your good pot.
  5. are the lead sheets are almost pure? i can get some but the guy told ma that there is a kind of lil plastic film on .is that something that should be hard to remove or i can put it straight into my lee melting pot ?? the guy also got battery pole is that a better option than the sheets ? tks in advance
  6. Thank you, smalljaw. I'll stick with the Sharpie and if the jig evades the rocks long enough for the markings to fade, I can touch it up. I asked the question because I found a jig I had tied several years ago and had left in a box. It had faded in storage. I brought the stripes back in a couple of minutes with the Sharpie. I may still get an olive Copic to try because I want to tie a few perch patterns with a sculpin olive bucktail top. Thanks again for taking the time for the testing. WW
  7. What size and how many are you looking for?
  8. ddl


    im sure it is harder to do than it look.the previous message was more accurate,it look more like a canadian wiggler or a lazy ike. flat fish are more flat. one thing is sure these lures are not made to old 5 mph speed.my flat fish for sky got 3 sections.you have to buy 3 to make one,you need to cut the front part.once again it is really sweet.what's the length ?
  9. All I have around is a few with defects but here is one. I have posted this design before but never mentioned the action.This design may go the way of the dodo because it is not as effective as others designs with lower material costs I have another old prototype with a less aggressive version of the action as well personally I won’t be building anymore lures in this style of action because after plenty of testing it’s a meh action compared to others. It does catch lakers though and fairly consistently
  10. Will, just stick with the sharpie. The Quick coat marker with the paint is a paint because the hair wants to stick to it so you don't get good overage. The Copic marker works but it takes awhile to dry and while it seems to be a little more colorfast it isn't by leaps and bounds. I was able to clear the sharpie off the hair in 5 minutes and that was after letting the sharpie dry for an hour. The Copic I let dry for the same hour and in the same 5 minute period I didn't get all the color off but I did fade it but these aren't real world test. I know the Copic is expensive but if you aren't using a bunch of colors you can actually get the black marker and then buy a refill bottle and refill the marker when it runs out.
  11. Kanny


    I had a jointed flatfish as a kid and I caught a fair few decent, pike on it , I guess I tried to recreate it with this one but did I succeed? I guess time will tell. I thought that it was going to be a relatively straightforward build but it turns out that the simple looking flatfish lure is a little more complicated than it looks lol . I've got it running to a satisfactory action but I'm still going to do a little fine tuning using bigger hooks/rings ect and sorry no video of the action yet its quite difficult to test it in the tub and see the full picture I'll wait till I get it on the open water. If I were to make another I'd approach it in a different way, its been a great project to learn from when all is said and done. Atb Kanny
  12. Now that Do-It has discontinued the Eagle Claw 1623CR hook and seems so has everyone else is there any substitute out there?? Or get the regular 1623's and do some kind of wire wrap so the hook won't spin in the lead?? And yes I've tried Ebay!
  13. I don't know anything about working with fishing rods, but I chipped the finish on one of my favorite rods. What is the best way to fix this?
  14. Pics Hillbilly? I don't do any 3D design stuff (yet), but this is very interesting! It looks like a good shape though!
  15. Other option isn't a true 50/50 laminate - but in a paddletail swimbait mold I have with the same layout I hand pour a "top" color in each half and leave the mold halves on an angle to let that color setup - key is to angle the halves get the plastic as close as you can to the top edge without going over it.... then close the mold up and shoot the bottom color. You'll end up with the bottom color on the very top between the two colors you poured.... and technically the "top color" is really more on the shoulder.... but it's not a bad option if you dont want to shoot/cut/reshoot on a mold with that layout. J.
  16. If you really want a "laminate"...shoot the bait in the bottom color (let's say white), then take the bait out of the mold and with a large sharp butcher knife cut the bottom off and reinsert it into the mold, and then inject the top color. The reason you use a large, sharp butcher knife (most long blades would work), is to get a nice long straight cut. Not a method to make a hundred of them, but a dozen should go fairly quickly!
  17. I think you would still have the issue of one color blocking the other, but I've never actually tried what you're suggesting.
  18. Copic markers are alcohol based ink and work well on lure bodies but I never tried them on bucktail. I'll mark some bucktail with the marker later on and let you know. I also have quick coat lure markers which use actual paint rather than ink. I would think they would be really colorfast but I don't know how the paint would go on the hair. I have quick coat lure markers, Copic markers, and sharpies and I always used a sharpie for that. Mostly because the jigs don't last long enough for the stripes wear off completely. Check back later on, I'll let you know how the markers go on the hair and I'll let them dry and see how each fades in the water side by side with the sharpie.
  19. It wont do a traditional lamination. It will do a left/right lamination but not a top bottom lamination.
  20. It's not a problem for me to tie a bucktail perch pattern jig, but the last step applying the vertical stripes over the yellow bucktail could be improved: the Sharpie markings fade. Is it worth the extra expense to buy a Copic marker? Is Copic ink more colorfast? Has anyone developed a different method for making these stripes? Thanks for all input.
  21. I appreciate it Hillbilly my old baseball coach is a fly fishing guide around here, he's teaching me how to tie these big feather jigs based on your info. I will send you the pics of the Giant Smallmouth I'll be yanking off the ledges. Thanks again bud
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  23. I suspect Apdriver is spot on. Ck out Engineered Angler on YouTube https://youtu.be/4rW1mJk51fc
  24. I am a rookie. I do see what y'all are talking about with it'
  25. ddl


    awesome.one of the best carnivorous lure ever made. look like a flat fish . how long ? do you got a video of the action ?
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