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  2. I use Tremclad oil base paint and it works great
  3. Yes, they do. I have one injector dedicated to shooting with glass beads. Inside is pretty scratched up but still works great.
  4. Thanks Les...also i havent ordered any glass beads yet.....are you guys saying that it scratches the injectors.
  5. Joe bait

    Production molds

    Looking for a production mold with integrated cooling passages . Lure shape and type not important . Needing mold for machine set up and testing . Looking for large machine injected type mold (s)
  6. Anyone with connections with MF know if MF have discontinued this color or just out of stock and not listed in the color chart? Worse case scenario , any other company out there providing a similar colorant. Thanks
  7. DGagner

    Resin peeling

    I took this from the FAQ page at the site where you buy your resin. It would seem that it's a standard 1:1 mixture of epoxy resin similar to what is available anywhere. Before I move to UV resin I used epoxy, another brand but epoxy I found it to be very good. I simply moved to UV because of the convenience. I'm not sure what's up with yours but epoxies I've used have been good. Can I use ArtResin to coat fishing lures? Using ArtResin Epoxy Resin on a Fishing Lure Yes. ArtResin epoxy resin is very durable and waterproof. Once cured, the resin is inert and therefore does not pose a threat to aquatic life. Although it can be indented with a fingernail in the first few days after curing, it is not typically able to be indented after the first 72 hour window. ArtResin epoxy resin has been shown in third party lab tests to outperform other epoxy resins in terms of non-yellowing longevity, resulting in a realistic-looking lure that will last.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Crayons are also a good alternative. I used them in past with good results. Bye. Cami
  10. Ok I will bite .. Ike ? what's with that ?
  11. I had a good order in with Lure Works/Spike it and then found out that they sponsor Mike Iaconelli, so I quickly canceled the order. I'm having good success using MF sinking and medium plastisol and Bait Plastics plastisol.
  12. My sis bought a children artist set. Its a set with like 54 pcs and she dont wanted the oil pastels and gave them to me. Ive thougt that i could could use them but havent found any vid on that but i found soe post saying u could use that. But thanks anyway:)
  13. Has anyone tried artist's oil paints? Just throwing the idea out there. Dave
  14. Ok ill remember to buy some powder dye thanks.
  15. I know you can use fine mica powders to color plastic. It’s used in automotive paints. I know they have some powdered dyes, also. Stay away from anything water based as it causes all kind of bubbles plus if you introduce water to 350 Fahrenheit plastic it would produce a lot of steam as it evaporates, then all the bubbles.
  16. If I remember correctly, Bait Plastics is the manufacturer of polysol. Dead On used sell polysol under their label, but now use a different supplier. I currently use Bait Plastics and haven't had any issues with it.
  17. So i live in denmark and found someone selling plastisol on facebook. They are called high 5 lures. I looked at their website but seems like they only sells the plasisol and already made lure. No dye or anything. Are here some alternatives dyes for semi transparent? (im new to this and waiting for the plastisol to come and i 3d print molds and masters so its ready when the plastic comes.)
  18. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    Anyone have any contact about getting a custom hook made? Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw, or VMC would work since I like all three of those. Allen
  19. If my memory is correct, bait plastics and dead on both resell polysol. This is copied from their website(Polysol). “Polysol and Bait Plastics LLC offers a complete line of products to support the Soft Bait Manufacture A guy awhile back had some issues with it splitting while trying to insert do its ultra minnow inside a tube made out of dead on. All I’m going to do is stick a hook in it most likely. Heck, if It’s breaking hearts and taking home cash, I gotta like it!
  20. I've switched to bait plastics and have been satisfied with it. I think six gallons is like $114 and that includes shipping. I tried the Lure Works and had lots of issues with bubbles plus their shipping was ridiculous. If they'd get the price down I'd try it again. MF is probably the best available but their price rules them out. Haven't tried the Dead On but hear that it's pretty good.
  21. I've been using the 80 mil, and tried some 320 mil Injector is scratched but still more than functional after 3 years worth. Only had to change O ring once so far. I usually use half salt, half glass,
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