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  5. 12spotshooter12


    made on my lathe. wire goes through with swivel hanging in the middle. eyes are recessed, 4 colors airbrushed and covered in epoxy. Thanks for looking
  6. azsouth


    I store it the same way, I am totally clueless with the last 2 quarts.
  7. David Pickell


    Normal chatterbaits don't fish well in brush. The longer wire allows fisherman to fish brush with minamal chance of hangups. It also gives the fish a differant look at a bait they have never seen.
  8. Slow Town Custom Lures


  9. ParkerFly


    Can you explain the advantage of the longer wire here?
  10. Slow Town Custom Lures


  11. BBK

    Manufacturer Clear Coat?

    Most use a clear lacquer, that's why the paint chips off after a few casts.
  12. mark poulson

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    I guess I should have bummed more lead from the plumbers on my jobsites, way back before ABS.


    This took me some time to do but I cant wait to try it this spring. A lot of blending.
  14. Badaboom

    Badaboom Boogie-Woogie 42

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  15. Badaboom

    Badaboom Boogie Woogie 42

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  16. Badaboom

    Badaboom Boogie Woogie 42

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  17. Badaboom

    Badaboom Boogie Woogie 42

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