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  2. Fusing plastic

    Thanks Mark. I'll try to find it locally. I'm afraid that USPS won't ship it. They wouldn't ship Franfort Arsenol drop out. I had to have it Fedexed and that cost more than the spray.
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  4. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    This is a video of a barrel twist tool that I designed. I see no reason why it wouldn't work with thicker wire.
  5. 6 inch cedar bait

    Thank you guys!
  6. Need Airbrush Paint Advice

    Cleanup is fast and easy with water, soap, or a solvent. They can be thinned with water or a paint reducer like Createx 4011, or you can make your own with water, alcohol and a little glycerin. Thinning depends on how you like to paint, whether you plan to do freehand details, and at what pressure. Some do, some don’t. Some prefer using paint templates and shooting unthinned. Some brands of paint, especially taxidermy colors, comes pre-thinned. It all really depends on your style of painting and whether you need to thin a specific paint to get it to shoot the way you need it to.
  7. Micro bubbles

    I've mixed and poured thousands of gallons of plastic that wasn't/isn't degassed with no bubbles. I have no idea what you're talking about regarding moisture and it talking to me, there's no need to explain I'll consider myself fortunate.
  8. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Per California standards, if a product is under there limit, it can be called free, not reduced, but free of. Not just phalates, but anything.
  9. Fusing plastic

    Try Mend It soft plastic glue:
  10. Fusing plastic

    Let me explain a bit more. When the final version of the craw comes out of the mold the claw is fused to the back of the craw as it was in the mold when the back was injected. However the belly was put into the mold and layed next to the claw so the belly part of the leg is not attached to the claw, only the back. So far I haven't found any glue that I have on hand that will cement them together. I haven't fished them yet but I can't imagine the claw staying intact even for one fish the way it is. This is such a small area that I don't thing I can fuse them with heat without hurting the already fused part. The area that needs to be fused is about the size of a Q tip stick. I am planning to go to Bass Pro tomorrow and see if they have any plastic glue.
  11. Lure consistency

    That's why I stopped selling baits. It took the fun out of making them.
  12. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Not a dumb question at all. Scientific meaning.... From what I understand, I think it would be next to impossible to claim to have a completely phtalate free plastisol as there are too many variables that could be introduced into the mixture.
  13. Best Lead Melt Flux?

    I don’t love sawdust, but if you leave it in and keep stirring until it completely chars to powder then you can spoon all the junk off with the powder. Rosin is the best because it melts into a gummy goo before it burns and all the junk sticks to it. If I could only have one flux it would be rosin. But if I’m just cleaning dirty wheel weights or plumbing lead I do it over a burner outside and I will use any old garbage like old experimental bullet lube sticks, sawdust, Crisco or even used motor oil. Indoors in my casting furnace rosin or shortning are all I use because the work best and stink least. The best judge of how well your flux is fluxing is how heavy your dross is. I keep a soup can to catch it and it used to be that a full can felt like it weighed 10 pounds. Once I switched to rosin the can got a lot lighter—-I’m skimming off more junk and losing less good metal. I cast about 500 pounds of bullets a year, so I do a lot of fluxing.
  14. doit football with screwlock hook

  15. Fusing plastic

    Two ways that might work for you; 1. While in the mold hit them with a propane torch to melt them. 2. Try a soldering iron with a flat blade or Point to fuse them.
  16. Need Airbrush Paint Advice

    Waaaay back when I first got into making lures seriously (or at least as seriously as a fishing obsessed 17 year old could be), I used oil based enamels as that's pretty much all I could easily get ahold of in my rural area. I had black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange. I would mix those to get the color I wanted and then mix in enough thinner to get it about the consistency of milk and it worked fine through my Paasche H. Cleaning was a pain in the posterior though! So, yeah, I'm planning to start with mostly basic colors and maybe some fluorescents and transparents or candies. How much thinner do these paints require and how hard is clean up? Thanks again!!
  17. Fusing plastic

    I think spike it has a product exactly for this. Haven’t used it but understand you want this to dry before placing back into the mold what you have coated with it. Otherwise it will stick to your mold and give less than desirable results.
  18. History of tackleunderground

    Should be good till I'm a hundred in that case archer !
  19. Fusing plastic

    Yes, there are super glue products designed for repairing soft plastics. I have even done it with a torch in some cases, melting the surfaces just a touch and fusing while still sticky. We all use to fuse our own creature baits back in the 80's. I cannot quite follow Jig Man's directions, but it sounds like he has thought it through. Let us know how it works.
  20. History of tackleunderground

    Go fishing more Glider. You know what they say, every day spent fishing extends your life by one day. I believe this, it is my story, I AM STICKING TO IT. Wow, I think I am going fishing now.
  21. Best Lead Melt Flux?

    Thanks for the help! well does the heavy woods or rosin clean the metal of contaminants?
  22. History of tackleunderground

    Good grief, you guy's are hardly old ! Your making me feel young now, a mere spring chicken at 50.............Unfortunately the life expectancy for males in my country is 42 - so I'm in the red..
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  24. Best Lead Melt Flux?

    If you are spooning off the oxides then it really isn’t acting as a true flux. It’s just helping with cleaning the metal. A true flux actually reduces the oxides back to the elemental metal and back into the melt. That’s why cheap partially hydrogenated shortning or rosin- heavy woods are good—they have an H+ available to pull off the O. That reminds me: rosin makes a really great flux and it smells good too. It also helps protect your pot from rust. Also, I’m not all that enthusiastic about inhaling boron fumes.
  25. Need Airbrush Paint Advice

    J, it's well worth learning to mix your own colours, like bob p says , black and white essential. I would also add transparent black . With red,blue and yellow you can make any colour, if you add pearl white,gold and silver and a few fluorescents you will have tons of options. If you go down this route then you will use a lot more yellow than red or blue. Personally I use lots of transparents. ..glider
  26. Chemical components of Plastisol

    This may be a dumb question but... What is the upside of being phtalate free?
  27. Musky bait

    Nice lure all eyes, lot of work in that beaut. ..
  28. 6 inch cedar bait

    Very nice all eye's
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