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  3. here is a new design a hinged crank bait uses small eyelets with a pin to hold together hope it works! any more ideas?
  4. It is possible to get a laminate with a dual injector on the 3” but it’s not laid out for it, I was never able to master it, I stick with the ai hammer and little hammer for laminates, as well as a top inject similar to the easy shiner from basstackle (forget the model # off hand), but they are all over 2”
  5. Yup. That's it. Or here is the 2". Great deal for a ten cavity that shoots perfect and performs well. http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/paddle-tail-2-bait-mold-10-cavity/
  6. @Canga~ are you able to make laminates with your 3" ripper mold? Do you use a plate or dual injector?
  7. Yes the cnc will be shiny, the doit molds that aren’t are the ES series that are sand cast
  8. I crackle lures all the time .take folk art cracle medium .paint it on your lure .with a brush .while its wet .dont wait like the bottle says .spray your color you want over the medium it will crackle instantly .and look beautiful. I only wait 30 seconds then paint my color on works great .try it .sometime .better fishing .i would say good luck but you wont need it .it works great .
  9. @Canga~Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the cnc version will have a shiny finish? I'm guessing yes but I've heard some doit molds have a dull finish.
  10. Take folk art crackle medium paint it on your lure .with a brush .while its wet no waiting shoot your color on the lure from your airbrush .you'll be amazed .its beautiful .
  11. Brush folk art crackle medium on your lure .dont wait like the bottle says .hit it with your airbrush and paint of your color choices .it will crackle beautifully .
  12. So while I was at moose hunting with my dad at his cabin he was talking about making him some fishing lures. He's had this cabin about a year and a half or so and were really just starting to figure out how to fish it. I've already been planning to make some lures anyway and ordered some new molds and will use some existing molds I own. I'm also going to be making some spinners using my wire formers. The lake is full of big lake trout, burbot, and grayling. Anywho my dad was talking about watching a lake trout fishing video where they were using a unique spinner. And he bought one the other day to show me what it was. Turns out it was a spinnerbait. So of course I ordered some hidden weight spinnerbait molds in sizes up to 2 oz for some lake trout fishing next summer. Now I need to order the components. Powder paint I have plenty of and that's what I will use to paint them with. But I need to order some skirt material for these. I've never used this style skirt before as I generally just use a one-piece skirt such as a hoochie with the tip cut off. I was thinking of ordering some kits for these but I wasn't sure if that was the best way to go or if I should order the tabs separately? I'm thinking for colors I will start with some basic colors such as chartreuse, blue, green, etc. But I also don't know how many tabs I will need per spinnerbait. Especially the larger sizes. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. doit has a new 2" size in the cnc ripper, its not up on the store site yet, but i guess its available to order now (phone?) and its a 3 cavity. they also have a 2.5" cnc version (2 cavity) available too, ill be getting that one for sure. i have the 3" cnc ripper and it shoots great, very hard to not get a perfect pour in that one, the ES series is a different story, but the ripper has a great action, hoping that carries over to the smaller ones as well!
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  15. I have the same chart, only mine was from Stamina before it became LPO. Definitely good info. Thanks for the reminder.
  16. I have been struggling to find a place where I can purchase balsa wood? My local hobby stores never have it in stock. Is there anywhere online where I could purchase balsa?
  17. bigblue2

    Lead Pot

    yes I have a small hot pot that I am selling I use it for making jig heads and weights I use a table spoon to dip out the lead it has a adjustable temp control on it.i am asking $40.00 please call me at 507-441-1297
  18. There is a handy chart on the bottom of page 100 in the Lurepartsonline catalogue. It gives the best combination of sizes of components used on standard spinner baits. It makes matching parts for different size lures so much easier.
  19. I did in 4th post! Mcmaster.com
  20. Can u please share your source. I’m sure there are others that would like to get some too.
  21. Chonch12

    Lead Pot

    Looking for a used Lead Pot that someone may not be using anymore. I will be buying a new one in a few months but figured I would check here first. I do not need anything very large or special just a basic small lead pot. Thanks!
  22. I have but found another source for 1000 of them without the mark-up. Thanks.
  23. I just lay mine on the work bench pointing out away from me.
  24. I have a Wagner variable heat heat gun and it stands all by itself. This way I can put it anywhere I want, without any clamping.
  25. I was fortunate enough to have found a used Bosch heat gun like this. Super handy w/o a trigger and an adjustable base.
  26. @MonteSS Is this the one you're talking about? http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/paddle-tail-1-3-4-bait-mold-10-cavity/
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