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  2. I don't use my Do it injector anymore because of the locking pin. A little too much pressure on the Do It and you pop the nozzle right off.
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  4. I definitely like the basstackle injectors. If i could sell or do some trading on the 10 ouncer for another 6 ouncer i'd just make a bracket & make a dual setup out of two basstackle 6 ouncers. I have one of the ukraine made dual injectors, but the injectors are kind of a pain to use. The blending block works fine though so i could make another rod for the length needed for the 6 ouncers & open up the holes in the straight piece for the handle & modify the clamping system or easily make another one & be good to go that route instead.
  5. Built quite a few rods but stepped away about 10 years ago. Retired now and I just built my last Sevier blank. I can't seem to find them anywhere. They were decent blanks at a decent price and I liked the rootbeer colored finish. Are they still in business?
  6. I make custom baits all the time, it’s easy here’s how I do it get a bait I like, then a piece of wood about the same size file sandpaper etc then I start shaping the bait trying to make it look like the original. then when I get it shaped it looks nothing like the original, so instant custom bait. my painting is pretty much the same so instant custom paint job. imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I just wish I could do it.
  7. I have both sizes of the basstackle injectors. I also have the blending block and connectors ro do the laminates. I like the locking pin as a safety precaution so that's why I went with them instead of Do-it.
  8. Easy fix then take a scalpel and carve some divots. Build your LEGO box, cover with release agent and pour your next half on top. Basically sink the scalpel part way and cut out a cone. It’s not as pretty but works just as good Of course with your master lol
  9. thanks wayne! I thought about doing exactly what you mentioned. May have to give it a try. I thankfully only poured one side so far. But its pretty thin at about only a lego brick deep.
  10. Probably around 100, 200, 500 quantities.... Yeah I've seen Hagens, I'll head over to their site again see what they got, I have their wire former along with knipex round nose pliers. "I either had to go bigger and start advertising, website etc. or give up the selling." I'm well knowledgeable in this area, I've done web design, also video editing, advertising, and have already sold millions of dollars worth in fishing tackle over the years as an affiliate... I already have numerous websites up, I don't need help in this area, thanks though, looking for specific help on sources, so please keep the topic on hand. If they don't sell, no problem, they won't go to waste regardless due giveaways on my youtube channel. "It wasn't so much fun anymore. So I gave it up and now only make for family and friends." Yes, well aware of that side of fishing and lure making, it can lose it's fun... But it's also fun when work doesn't seem like work and you enjoy what you do, I'm sure there's many on here that enjoy their lure making profession. Pretty awesome you got the opportunity to be featured in a magazine, totally understandable if you didn't want to due to having a solid job and not having the time...
  11. Nothing secretive about a parts supplier. It's definitely not like a fishing spot as the vendors always have more to sell. I have used Hagen's a few times with good results. That's another place to check. But you also need to define what bulk means to you? I buy components by the 100 count, 500 count, and rarely by the 1,000 count. Some companies like Hagen's have minimum order amounts or charge extra for smaller quantities. But if your looking to buy 5,000+ then Hagen's, Lakeland, Worth, and Rosco are your best bets. Of course if your buying in those quantities you'd want to be sure that your going to sell that many. Buying in bulk saves money but you can also get stuck with thousands of components you didn't sell. I sold things for a few years but then realized the off season was slow and in season I didn't have time to fish myself because I was making stuff for other fishermen. I either had to go bigger and start advertising, website etc. or give up the selling. I had the oportunity to get featured in a magazine through a friend who was a repeat customer and all that but decided not to. It wasn't so much fun anymore. So I gave it up and now only make for family and friends and I'm much happier for it. Of course this was all while working a job that actually paid the bills. Good luck!
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  13. First did you pour one side of your mold or both? I am a blundering idiot at times so I have had to fix this problem with a complete mold and when I only poured half. I hope you only poured half because it’s an easier fix once I know which mistake you made I will type out the solutions I used
  14. thanks Wayne I will have to look around and see if having them made is a feasible option. I am really just trying to find my options for a good solution that is consistent quality with reasonable efforts I have sweet talked myself into free lexan scrap from the local glass shops so it would be nice to use this resource. The cost of a hobby laser cutter is not too bad price wise but digging into it on the Internet the problem of an ugly burnt edge comes up
  15. Yep, just starting to start off just selling, I've been making and bending for a few years now, just basically using the top quality tackle from traditional brick & mortar stores and some online shops. Buying from Muskyshop.com for top dollar really not what I'm looking for, but thanks for the tip on Rosco, I'll check'em out, ebay has some pretty good stuff for bulk... I noticed some companies actually just sell their tackle in bulk on ebay. Yeah I know of Barlow and Jann's, seems like some of their stuff their tackle is priced in bulk at a decent price, but aren't they still bit of a middle man? And their top brand of swivels like Spro and Sampo are just sold in small packs for standard fishermen. Anyways, I'm sure just buying from Sampo or Spro directly wouldn't be what I'm looking for due to their high price, but rather finding something of a step down in bulk at a reasonable price like Worth or Lakeland. AFW seems like a good company and has a pack of 50 swivels for $30 at Barlow, that's not bad.... Maybe I'll run with them. Where's everyone buying their wire from? Gotta be some good cheaper sources rather than just these standard make lure fishing shops... Again private message if ya want... I think I'll get a 20 lb Lee pot, wasn't there a brand a step above, I know some complained of the Lee pots leaking a little and even the 10lb collapsing. drip - https://youtu.be/DAx_wiD7-EA collapse after 3 years - https://youtu.be/k-fQ3cckKBE?t=73 Thanks for the tips Kasilofchrisn
  16. You know it might be less than you think by going to a company and having them made, I have one not far from me and I went to have a quote on a lip verses making them my self but that was awhile back not that bad of a price then just but more than I needed but I am thinking of having a lip or lips made making a few sizes same thickness. It might be more than you want but a lot cheaper than a laser cutter and making by yourself with the material and time plus these will be right on the money when done. Think what you get out of a 4'X4' or 4'X8' a lot of lips, plus what it cost to purchase some already made but in lesser amounts. Also might team up with a fellow lure maker and split up what you need. Then when you need more the price will be or should be because it sits in their computer ready to go. Wayne
  17. Well sometimes you just screw up, well here I am same problem for me. This is what I did #1 made a lure. #2 put the two together , now it has to be good part nice seam all the way around. #3 Drill holes on all four corners then with either metal or wood which I used a little bigger than the hole drive them into the hole on one side just 1/8" higher than the mold so that it fits into the other half. put together than pour if that don't work than make a new mold. It worked for me and when I felt I needed a new mold I made it the right way. Should work I see by the picture you are using a harder silicone which is better yet. I hope this helps! Wayne
  18. Boy seems like a lot of questions. Obviously your just strating out so that's expected. I really like Rosco split rings. I usually find them on eBay. Rosco has a minimum order of 5,000 and I usually only need 1,000 at a time. I use the #6xh on my saltwater jigs and they hold up to fish over 120# quite easily. But they have a wide range of sizes. You should also check out Barlow's tackle and Jann's Netcraft both have treated me well though I use Barlow's the most. There is also the Musky shop. Never used them but I know they carry musky specific components. Hook brands will depend on what hooks your mold calls for and/or what it will fit.
  19. Well just talked to Worth on the phone, I guess they don't sell swivels with two solid rings, bummer. Maybe if they step up the quality of their split rings I wouldn't have a problem of losing my blades, but I guess that American company is out of the question. Bummer because I've heard they are best company for the ball bearing swivel itself.
  20. So i was pouring a new mold last night and discovered i forgot to add the little alignment nubs to line up the two pieces while casting. Is there anything i can do to salvage it? Or just chop it up and use it as filler for the next attempt?
  21. I need help big time, if you guys can help me I would very well appreciate it. I'm going to get into selling some of my custom lures, also giving away on my youtube channel. If I don't make a whole lot of money fine, I'm doing it for fun regardless, my lures already work I've caught some big musky and bass with them. I just need sources for split rings, solid ball bearing swivels, hooks, etc... I know everyone recommends the company Worth for ball bearing swivels, but do they have the option with 2 solid ring ball bearings swivels? Anyways, I've tried the split ring version before and the split raings are weak, the split rings are cheap, the big willow blade I use slides off when casting. Some split rings already came separated too right from the packaging. I bought them right from lurepartsonline.com https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Spinnerbait-Swivels I'm definitely not the first to complain about the worth split rings http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/25068-lakeland-vs-worth-swivels/ I saw these INFOF brand on DHgate.com and they have decent reviews https://www.dhgate.com/product/100pcs-american-hyper-ball-bearing-swivels/381091940.html?skuid=467522556004519946#ctabBox Rather than using ball bearing swivel with cheap split rings, I've been using a ball bearing swivel with solid rings, then I use on heavy duty split ring at the end to attach the big willow blade, it's a nice trick that I've seen other musky companies do to prevent from losing the willow or colorado blades. I even do this for my custom bass spinnerbait, but use a hyper wire split ring instead, which is know for it's strength of springing back in place. Also I need a source for heavy duty split rings? Both for musky and bass. And if anyone has a good source of deep cupped willow blades in the #8 and #10 size for musky let me know, I tried the regal #8 willow blade off lurepartsonline.com and they are too slow! Speed is key for musky... I think that's right, deeper cupping allow for better speed or is it vice versa? Also where does everyone go for reasonably strong stainless steel wire .051, .062 size in bulk along with bass wire for spinnerbaits? You can pm me or post... Anyways, appreciate any help I get, as I need it. I think the rest I can figure out such as pouring lead, making jig heads, and soft plastic baits, a lot of great information on this forum already on that, I may try that bismuth/tin combo from rotometals.com. I may need a source for 6/0, 7/0, & 8/0 hook size hooks in bulk for 1oz to 4oz jigs... What brand does anyone suggest going with? I'm the type of guy that prefers quality for terminal tackle, especially since it will be musky and big bass, but I know sometimes you can get quality stuff from China depending on the brand and dealer.
  22. How do the do-it injectors compare to the basstackles ? I have both a 6 & 10 oz. basstackle injector & thought about possibly selling them or trying to do some trading on a dual injector from do-it & maybe picking up another 6 Ozer. to do single color shots with too. Thanks
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  24. New deep diver prototype I decided to test a new sucker pattern on
  25. I've found that any acrylic top coat, whether it is a concrete sealer or Rustoleum's X2 Gloss Acrylic finish, is affected by the softeners in soft plastics. Maybe they are too closely related, chemically. Whatever you find to try, do a test first to make sure it's not affected by soft plastics before you buy a large quantity.
  26. Thanks Mark! Price is a big concern for me, as I'm trying to make the hobby pay for itself... I got some Envirotex Lite I'm going to try, so the concrete sealer idea is me looking forward to when that runs out.
  27. Les Young

    basstackle 10 Oz. injector

    $90.00 to your door in the continental us.
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