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  2. BBK

    Glitter nail polish

    Nail polish is acetone based, may mess with some paints or even your plastic blank. I found out the hard way...
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  4. joelhains

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I just ordered the smallest flutter jig mold. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ounce. Excited to make up a few and see how they do. In a perfect world I could go out on Erie and jig up a limit of walleye. Much more fun than trolling!
  5. mark poulson

    Glitter nail polish

    Do a test first, so you don't mess up a bait. Apply some nail polish over a test painted scrap piece, let it cure overnight, and then apply KBS. If it works, great. If the KBS dissolves the nail polish, try putting the KBS on first, let it cure for a couple of days, and then apply the nail polish.
  6. jcv_cw

    avid bass tackle

    i made an order some time early june without any hassle. made another transaction end of june, but this time after 2 weeks without news and status of my order in their website is "unfulfilled" i contacted them via fb. they replied within 2 days and saying owner is going thru tough times, and was promised it will ship out in 3 days time. received the same mail as well as you guys and after 2 weeks status is still "unfulfilled", contacted them in fb, replied and said they will arrange... aug came and they are not replying me anymore. i raised the issue to paypal and now they are handling my case.
  7. dlaery

    web site editing

    I am looking for a program to edit my website with. I have had an old version of Dreamweaver for years and it has stopped working. what I liked about it was it would connect live with my website, I could search for certain things and then edit, upload and done. does anyone know of a program that works like that, that won't break the bank?
  8. aulrich

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I have the two sizes of Shad so .75 oz to 6 oz , the small sizes of flutter jig and the 1.5/2 oz Diamond jig .
  9. MuskyGary

    Glitter nail polish

    Want to try using some glitter nail polish on some baits and wondering which way is best. After painting the lure, put on the nail polish, let dry and dip in KBS or After painting dip in KBS, let dry, put on nail polish, let dry and dip in KBS again?
  10. Well.... I have been using it for years w/o issues... In fact, This reminds me that I need to buy another bottle. LOL
  11. I was curious if anyone reinforces undamaged guide eyes with a two part epoxy or alternative as a preventative measure. I recently purchased a few Battle II combos and one of the rods was received with a damaged guide eye. The ceramic eye had popped out of the metal retainer during shipping although the guide did not seem to have any physical damage (cracks, bent, etc.). I have read that this is not an uncommon problem with some of the Penn rods and have run into this in the past on another rod when fishing. The rod with the damaged eye was returned but I still have a couple more of the rods. I know that it is better to replace a damaged guide vs trying to epoxy an eye back in to a damaged one, but what about applying an epoxy to an undamaged eyes/guides to beef them up a little. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  12. The future and pledge and other floor care products are a hard acrylic. I am a former floor care professional. I owned my own floor care business. Think about the qualities you need in a floor care product. Here in New England we have harsh winters and a lot of salt / sand applied in parking lots. That is what floor finishes are designed to withstand. Imagine what it takes to remove that product from your airbrush. Not all acrylics are the same. I choose not to put that stuff into a close tolerance airbrush.
  13. mark poulson

    Help with jointed glide bait

    I learned that a really free moving hinge joint was one of the keys for my glide bait success. For me, a double screw eye and SST wire hinge pin gave me the most freedom of movement in my V shaped joints. Plus, it allowed me to adjust both the joint gap and the alignment of the sections so I got the S action I wanted, and a symmetrical water flow over the bait.
  14. I want to go on record that I have had major problems with the windex - future - water combinations. I mixed up some homemade reducer involving glycerin, distilled water, and amonia free windex. At the same time I bought some brand name reducer (createx). It worked so flawlessly that I never used the home-made concoction. I am still using my first 8 oz bottle of 4012. And I wouldn't dream of using the home-made mix. I estimate the cost per bait at less than 2 cents.
  15. Color shifting is a very attractive quality in a bait. I feel it touches more "trigger points". It occurs naturally in baitfish. The more 3-D the finish on your bait, the more effective the color shift will be. Certain foils can also be applied to accomplish a color shift. I think I am with Hughsey on this one. If you want color shifting qualities - go all out. The per bait cost is a few cents .
  16. Chuck Young

    How do I secure screw in hardware?

    I have used the same technique on balsa airplanes for anchoring the wing bolts. . But I had to use a tap to cut the threads between each application of CA. With balsa, CA may penetrate better. But with harder woods, drilling the entire length of the screw eye and using epoxy (which probably fills gaps better than runny superglue) will keep you from splitting the wood. This is cat skinning territory - but it also varies from situation to situation.
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  18. blackjack

    Help with jointed glide bait

    I have been working on a jointed bait as well. There are a bunch of solutions that I modeled up. I am going to make some of both styles and the bait with the better action will get the nod! PonyFoot123, if you look at the picture of the top profiles you can see that the angles are different on each side of the cut. This strategy will give your tail section a make a much wider swing in the movement in the tail of the bait
  19. basscat28

    Pebble Lures?

    Has anyone ever bought balsa blanks off them?
  20. basscat28

    gold plating

    Will do!
  21. shlock

    Jointed topwater

    Using wood, rat style wakebait. That can be used on and off the weeds around most ponds. Wanting something that will wiggle and slide up on top of the weeds. Doesn't really need to move on the weeds but in open water have some action. First 2 attempts failed in not having action in open water, tried a v joint ad a straight joint. V style was screw eye and pin, then only screw eyes with split ring. Straight style used interlocking screw eyes with 2 joints. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Jig Man

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I have the hammered spoon mold. I always carry them. I cast them for surfacing fish. Jig them for suspended or bottom fish and also yo yo them.
  23. Chuckrh1

    Soft plastic injectors,molds, dyes ,glitter.

    Getting started into making my own soft plastics. Looking anything at a good price.
  24. Wambambait

    Crankbait lip material

    Hey guys this is my first post to the site I’ve been member for few years and gained a lot of good info from it! I have just started making( trying to make!) ha! My own crankbaits and I’m looking for a good casting material to use for pouring the lips. I have tried making my own with lexan but alas I can’t cut or draw a straight line! Don’t want to buy pre made ones cause I have a specific style mold I want to use anybody have a good casting resin they could suggest? Thanks!
  25. LimpNoodle

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I've got most of the Do-It slab molds. Down here in Texas they call them slabs. All of them up to at least 1.5 ounces. I've got the 3178, 3177, 3289, 3291, 1203, 3407, 3485, and 3482. I wish that Do-It would come out with the 3482 shad spoon in a larger size. I powder paint them and on occasion put a decal on them. We fish them in several different ways. A slab is a very versatile lure.
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