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  2. Tally

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    thanks for chiming in. The response you all gave me doesn't surprise me at all after snooping around and I guess that is why I posted the question. I certainly was not trying to ruffle any feathers if I did. Maybe we all took it to the limit years ago and new ideas just aren't out there? I guess most have just got into the "custom" painting and I understand that. Painting and coming up with new schemes was always fun to me. Manufacturers have taken there game to new limits and they owe TU a thank you for that. I am sure they snooped around here all the time to see what we were doing. Maybe I just miss the group that put ideas out there and we all gave an opinion and some pretty good minds ran with it. Plenty of failures along the way, but a lot of fun even with the failures. I don't think we had many secrets as most of it was posted and hashed out right here. Although I am sure everyone had something special that they just didn't share. No problem with that as that is what made what they did special. If you all remember Blades and Baits (JT), he got soooooooo upset with me and called me the biggest snoop out there. We still laugh about that today. There was special nail polish he had found but was discontinued, but he never told me about this. I called him and said JT, I found some cool polish. he said, what color is the bottle, what's it look like, who makes it lol......... and most important. where did I get it? Long story short..... he could not find it again and it was discontinued and he had been all over the internet looking for it. I found 30 bottles of it and oh did he beg me to sell him some.......... Please understand, JT taught me so much about painting, I said JT i am not selling you any...... again he was pissed....... I laughed so hard and said JT, I am sending you 15 bottles, NO CHARGE!! That was fun days!! Sorry to ramble and thanks for reading. I am going to start making baits again, but just as a hobby with no intent to sell them. Just having fun. I just wanted to find out if there were still a few around I could bounce ideas off of. For you that posted a reply...... I thank you. Tally
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  4. Pastra10

    Marketing Tips?

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  5. clemmy


    Glad to hear it Dave! I’m a Physio by trade, so I know what you’ve gone through. Cheers, Craig
  6. One other thing I forgot to mention is a cooler bait is more durable than a hot one. Extra inserts are a good thing.
  7. mark poulson

    Top coat question

    One of the reasons I moved away from building wooden baits, other than balsa cranks, is because I could never get my jointed swimbaits sealed completely, even if I heated the sections before sealing. They all seemed to fail eventually, because there were so many points of possible water intrusion at the hinges. JR Hopkins suggested I try AZEK PVC decking and trimboard as a building material, and all my sealing problems went away.
  8. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Yep i have it. I am going to possibly try laminates tomorrow to see how this mold does with a dual injector if i have time. I usually don't sale because i'm usually so busy with work that i don't have time. I am on vacation now until the 2nd of Janurary though. Pm me & i'll see if it's something i'm interested in doing. May be able to help you out.
  9. mark poulson

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    I think Travis said it perfectly. I would just add that this site has always, to me, been about learning and sharing. There are a lot of "real" custom lure makers here ( Travis mentioned Vodkaman, Nathan is another, there are lots more), but they are all open and sharing of their knowledge. When I first came here, I knew almost nothing about making crankbaits, but the members were generous with what they knew, and shared with me, and everyone else here. Thanks to everyone here, I now know how to build lures that work' and enjoy doing it. I want others to have a chance to get the same enjoyment. To that end, when I build a lure that I think will add to the group, I post it in the Hard Baits Gallery, along with schematics and explanations, like how to make a crankbait erratic (hunt) by adding moving ballast above the centerline of the bait, or how to achieve a wobbling fall in a spybait by raising part of the ballast above the lure's centerline, and giving it a flat bottom. It's not like any of us is going to get rich building crankbaits. But we can all still get the thrill and satisfaction of catching fish on something we made. There are lure building tricks and secrets, sure, but, to me, they really aren't worth much unless they're shared, and that's what makes this site so great.
  10. Alakai

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Do you have that mold Les? Do you sell your baits?
  11. Alakai

    dipping two color tubes

    Is that the 3.75" double dip mold? not the slender or anything? I love your work, have purchased many at Sav-On
  12. Travis

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    People have different goals with bait making and different interests. Custom becomes a very broad definition depending on the individual's definition. Some build from the ground up. Others only paint blanks, some only repaint high end lures, etc... In regards to guys building baits from start to finish yes still around. In regards to the forum and what you see several variables are in play. With social media and the ease one can produce their own content for many makes little sense to participate on a site like TU. Why not potentially profit off your work. Frequently individuals making things are creative people over all. So recording videos and making their own content just more appealing compared to a "static" forum. I frequent a few woodworking sites and amazing the numbers of individuals that were newbies asking questions one year and three years later they have you tube channels making appearances at shows, getting shops set up with product, etc... Also very easy to be right that way as you control the content. Compared to 15 years ago their is a lot of information on various sites, you tube channels, etc.. that one can easily go to and not really have to actively participate to get the information. Early on this was not the case, couldn't search the internet about making a specific style of crank, let alone what are desirable aspects of a bait. One learned as they went through communication with others as only way to get the information was bouncing ideas off each other as no "encyclopedia" of bait making was really available. Forums wax and wane in participation and overall feel. At times they will be very inviting and draw people in other times they seam dated and not welcoming. Today most of the forums I frequent are chopped full of pictures and videos in the threads and there is a lot more activity on them. Also more competition out there and sites function for different reasons. People have all sort of time, lets not kid ourselves, you just have to have a platform that captures and keeps their attention. With smart phones, tablets, etc.. people now a days follow sites continuously. I still make baits from the ground up. Don't talk with fellow lure makers as much as I did early on and much more inclined to buy baits from guys that have "made it" and check out their product. Most baits aren't that expensive in the grand scheme of things so have no issue picking up a half dozen to fish or take out to the shop to take apart and see what processes they use.
  13. woodieb8

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    we still build customs for clients to order. to pay bills we have to do production..while we don't build smaller lures,mainly musky/pike baits.yes up here on the great lakes,it is a dying art..society wants everything yesterday.
  14. Saugerman

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    JigsGalore, Yes you can buy Dead on Plastix in a 5 gallon bucket. I was using the Baitjunckys's plastic , before trying the Dead On, and they have a very good plastic. The one thing that I really like about Dead On's is you can reheat it over and over again and it just doesn't fade, or yellow. The colors keep their brightness, without the use of stabilizer. Iv'e always added stabilizer to any reheat on other plastics, but still after a few times, the color begins to fade. It does not bubble bad, you might get a few with very high heat, but they go away pretty fast. Just my take on it.
  15. Tally there are still quite a few guys building their own, Custom Plug makers if you will, and yes the site has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Do a search on Hunting Cranks, Vodkaman has done a lot of extensive research & development and quite a few guys contributed with valuable information, the archives on this site are full of so much information it cannot be explained. The thing I see these days like someone mentioned is peoples time, a lot of people today do not have the time to commit in todays hectic world, then you factor the time and effort it takes, and the steps needed to build a plug the right way not many will invest that for what they get back, although there are still a few diehard Crankbait junkies left. LOL I'll tell you about it sometime when we talk. I have enjoyed this site & members knowledge tremendously and it has helped me as well as many other guys I know. I've also enjoyed your return, so welcome back. I look forward to talking to you soon, as well as keeping up with your informative posts. Thanks Rich
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  17. Tally

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    Benton B.... you learned fro the best IMO. I don't remember us talking back in the era but there was a lot going on. I believe you are right on most just wanting to paint blanks but hell, that is where the real fun is!! So they are just painters and not custom crank bait makers and thats ok too. I would like to see some of your work!! Tarheelfishing 88, age has nothing to do with it. Wanting to build a great lure you take pride in!! Being addicted has no cure lol....You live in NC and that is where Skeeter was from. They tell me he doesn't frequent here much but if you see him on..... ask him questions!!! If he thinks you are doing your homework, he will help you. Until then, post any question you have. I am sure Benton and I will be more than happy to help you. Personally, I thought this thread would light up, but maybe folks don't visit that often and it will take a week or so for everyone to post. Tally
  18. TerryF2858

    wire benders

    ok that makes sense
  19. smalljaw

    wire benders

    From what you described it sounds to me like you aren't pushing forward while twisting, a very common mistake when first using a bender like this. I have a different one but the same principle applies, you have to have forward pressure to keep the wire wraps nice and tight otherwise you get the "bread tie" effect.


    Can I pour dental plaster type 3 into a mold made of polymer clay?
  21. Kasilofchrisn

    Need assistance developing a prototype wire bait

    You could try forum member Bob Lalonde of CNC molds n stuff. I believe his website is He designed and cut a couple aluminum molds for me. I was happy with the transaction.
  22. Hi does anyone have  a hologram shad recipe.

    1. alsworms


      Hi Howard,

      There are a few hologram shad colors out there.  Would you happen to have a picture of the one you're looking for?


  23. Braided Line

    Spring Gill

    A nice integration of color tones. That green eye just finishes the "look."
  24. danthefisherman

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    I've been looking around without finding much...thanks for chiming in @DingerBaits!
  25. Coosa113

    Need assistance developing a prototype wire bait

    Thanks for the reply. I just need a working prototype. It doesn't have to be aesthetically accurate, just needs to perform. Like I mentioned, I already have all the sketches (not CAD, just sketches I've done) but just need someone with experience with wire baits to help me get the prototype made and bounce some ideas, configurations, off of.
  26. cadman

    Need assistance developing a prototype wire bait

    Drew, Welcome to Tackle Undergound. So what are you actually looking for? Design drawings, proto type models?
  27. benton B

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    Is this product similar to Flex Coat rod finish
  28. benton B

    Top coat question

    Sounds like the wood is not fully sealed and air from the wood is causing your problem. You can exhale on devcon to pop surface bubbles.
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