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  2. 7.5" largemouth swimbait

    Here's my 7.5" largemouth pattern swimbait. Its carved from Spanish cedar, 2/0 VMC hooks, stainless steel screw eye hinged, 2 ton top coat, and the lexan tail is free floating for more action. This is one of my favorite patterns to paint
  3. 4" gold perch cedar spinner

    Trying something new and a little different. The body is 4" long, hand carved Spanish cedar with thru wire construction. #7 Colorado main blade and #5 Colorado lower blade. Triple split rings paired up with 2/0 vmc hooks. The bait weights just under 2 oz. This is my gold perch pattern, paint over gold foil. A nice little muskie snack!
  4. Predator Blanks

    The Live Target Shad from Pedator is one of my fav cranks. Runs true about 6' on a cast.
  5. SF true smelt

    There it is.
  6. Cedar cranks

    Look great.
  7. Hand Poured Veins

    update for small batches 4oz. or less! buy 2 walmart burners bypassing the thermostat on the burners an add a light dimmer! bypassing the thermostat on the burners is necessary because the temperature fluctuate uncontrollable. buy 2 heat diffuser for the burners. cook the plastic in the microwave transfer the plastic to lurecraft small pans! only fill the pans to the point were you can get close to an 90 degree angle when pouring the plastic out is the key an gives you the most control! this is my small batch quick setup.
  8. jointed predator fly

    Jointed predator fly I use for pike and bull trout marabou and polar chenille body wire and bead joint for max movement rabbit strip pectoral fins rabbit strip for bleeding gills ice dub uv pearl and cone head with eyes for head tied on 3/0 Daiichi salmon hook and fish skull articulated shank
  9. Predator Blanks

    I'm looking at buying either or both predator baits rapala shad rap style bait and the live target shad. I plan on using these baits for trolling. Has anyone used them and how are they? Do they take much tuning and or how true do they run? I've heard good things about them but just want to make sure before I buy.
  10. New to forum

    Welcome, Blackeye!
  11. Purple Dragon

    Well that's gorgeous. I love the colors.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Flicker Shad

    Four deep shad color new in box $23 shipped
  14. Flicker Shad

    Sorry I'm not really interested in buying just 4. If you had a lot more I would be. Tell me about your #5 shad raps
  15. I wanted a fishing rod rack for my topper, but I didn't want to drill any holes in it. I looked for products in stores and on-line and didn't find a thing. So..... I came up with this idea. Welding is required, but maybe this will give someone an idea on design and use wood or PVC. Anyway...... The best part about this rack, is the fact that it is strong enough to use as a utility rack. I hang groceries, hunting gear, clothes, lantern, etc... on it. Love this thing. It's my 4th one that I built over the years (my friends wanted one in theirs too). Check it out!
  16. Flicker Shad

    Lifetime supply LOL
  17. Newbie questions

    That would be aweome thanks and I will once I get pouring with confidence!!
  18. Flicker Shad

    Real #5 new in pack I have four. Thought I had more. Also have #5 shad raps
  19. New to forum

    Received comments on contest entry from Fish Candy, Braided line and Avid Angler Thanks! Came up in my email so not sure you got response. Difficult to choose which lure to enter naturally my friends told me I entered the wrong paint job, everybody has there favorite. Really enjoy looking at the entries some really cool stuff! Will defiantly spend more time reading forum posts. Cool site
  20. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Haha, I was going to say the same. Trying to paint with lower pressure, especially with my black opaque paint, it kinda gums up on the tip and I end up with this effect accidentally. I was hoping to not spatter the baits.
  21. Flicker Shad

    Are they exact blank flicker shads from berkley? I don't need any knock offs I already have a bunch of them
  22. Baby bass

    Baby bass squarebill
  23. Super Glue

    Personal preference. I prefer to wet the screw threads, coat with a gel superglue, then insert. Superglue cures from the moisture in the air and if the screw hole is tight or you are inserting into something non-porus, then once in a great while it won't cure inside. The moisture on the screw threads helps with that and the gel is a slower curing form of superglue. Just my personal preference.
  24. Super Glue

    What is the best Super Glue for Hardware installation? Epoxy is a little messy
  25. Tutorial: Crafting Basic Trolling Spinners

    I hope to fish the Great Lakes some day. Erie is the closest.
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