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  • Slounch Slayer Square
    Slounch Slayer Square
    Awesome baits! For me, being a night fishing kind of guy, I would throw the upper left on a dark night and the lower left on a bright night or in clear water. And with that square lip, my...
  • First Bucktail
    First Bucktail
    That looks great!  Looks much better than my first one.
  • Sexy Shad Bucktail 001
    Sexy Shad Bucktail 001
    Thanks guys. Not sure yet how far I will take things, but so far I'm really enjoying tying these hair jigs. I tried my hand at a few feathered trebles and of the three I tied the third looked much...
  • Sexy Shad Bucktail 001
    Sexy Shad Bucktail 001
    That is really nice Ben.
  • attempting realism
    attempting realism
    Mikko "Attempting"  Thanks For Being So Humble. Other Than Doing Outstanding Work and Taking The Time In Helping So Many Of Us On TU. Mike

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