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You`ve posted some nice baits and I`d like to give you some props but I have no idea what you did.

If I missed your explaination ....my apologies.

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sorry - i upload most of my pics from my phone so its hard to add explanations on it - ill answer any questions on anything i have done - i have no "secrets"

this one is all auto air paints - white basecoat w/ 3 layers of "hot rod sparkle white", then a light grey scale pattern, and a custom mix purple back, a yellow stripe and jet black kill spot

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Thanks for the explaination. As for your "secrets." They are safe as I don`t make anything. But I do buy a ton of the them, (baits.)

Nice collaboration of colors on your baits.

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thanks - i try to keep trying diffrent colors and things to learn more about what im doing with mixing and painting - as well as have a vairety for when i do get to go fishing and try to find one that works that day

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