5" Laminated Sticks made with new Presto Pot Blending Block...

These are three of the colors I made with my new custom Presto Pot Blending Block...

Top bait: First try at Baby Bass

Middle bait: Red Shad

Bottom bait: Green Pumpkin Orange Craw Laminate


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Yeah it was... Who ever thought of doing that?!? ME!!! LOL!!! It allows the common everyday hand-pouring individual to pour large batches of two-colored baits with a nice "natural" parting line... When have you ever seen anything in nature that looked "perfect" in the first place?!? :)

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Baits looks awesome. I have been doing laminates for a while and have the defined line. Is there pictures and write up of your gear used. I am a visual person so more pictures the better.

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