ProtoType Gliders 2011

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Really don't like these. Well the bottom two are alright I guess. Mainly prototypes anyways they have so many holes in the bottom... but they work now kinda, just not as good as my thin glider. Next builds should be good.I think I put lead too far up on these which causes blow outs if you go fast, the slope on the perch head could be causing issues as well.


Never going to use a stencil for painting lines again, that's just wrong. Also like a black back better, if I did't fill in the tops heavy that may have worked. I was trying to match the perch green from my lake. Should fade the white belly up more.


Going for a red devil spoon theme (one of my favourite lures) figured if I could get a glider of it using this scale method... Maybe a bit of foiling next time fade in the red and overlay the white and fade out the white as it goes over the foil belly.


I feel could really produce if I could get the action the way I like it. This pattern also looked good when it was just black white and pearl.. simple but effective.

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