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PVC crankbaits

PVC crankbaits

One slender deep diving minnow and one version of a wellknown Australian lure , .......knocked off after just pictures , ...see their action :

greetz , diemai

    Dieter, thumb high for all baits.
    The blue white bait also works well.

    Mar 15 2012 10:04 AM
    X2 Dieter They all look great and swim fantastic. So many actions and colors to choose. I took one of your homies for a swim recently . Beautiful swimmer and i now see why you like the jelly glitter. Really glowed in the water. A halo effect. Very nice!
    Hubert , that lure did not wobble as much during the blank test , .....now that it is painted , it seems to swim a bit better , strange but true !

    Vic , glad you like this glitter effect , I prefer the jelly or glitter glue over mixing glitter flakes into the epoxy topcoat to be applied , ...can only do one glitter color at a time this way and I like to match them to the lure color .

    Putting on matte acrylic clear after painting and prior to epoxy topcoating enhances the adhesion of the glitter jelly applied over the acrylic clear after it has dried , ........not so many glitter particles would come loose to stick to the epoxy brush .

    Greetz , Dieter