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Aussie Style

Aussie Style

Two more PVC lures made after a wellknown Australian design , ...I'm very fond of the way these turned out , .....note the distinctive butt shaking action :

Cheers , diemai

    They look great Dieter. Especially the way your doing the paint these days. These remind me of the old Bagley Diving Smoo. Like that wide wobbling action on these two as well. Nice work my friend.

    it seems to swim really nicely no wonder aussies love those baits, i always love your bath tub vids dieter so keep em coming ;)
    Mar 15 2012 10:26 PM
    I cant use the bathtub for testing because I live with 2 females. (my wife and daughter). I can barely get in there most days. LOL
    Thanks a lot , friends , .....and , ......Sonny , in that matter I should consider myself lucky that my dear daughter had already moved out about ten years ago , LOL !