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Threadfin Shad Attempt 4 2nd Shot

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Those look great!!!!How big are they?

Almost exactly 4 inches. I've been thinking about making a 3 inch and a 5.5 inch, but I want to make about 5-9 more of this size first. To do the laminated/swirled pattern takes to much time with just one mold. I've also been thinking about rigging and fishing for this pattern. I actually think a slightly weighted weedless kahle hook used as a nose hook or with a hitchhiker just might be the ticket.

Also, I have been thinking about dipping just the nose in hard plastic to make them a little tougher so they will last longer if fished that way.

They fall nicely on a wide gap hook like a rigging hook now, but its only a flutter down / deadstick bait if rigged that way.

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Awesome!!! It's so realistic you could almost rig it on a dead bait type rig with a fireball or articulated jig head and either a single hook and a stinger or two trebles for the toothier critters.

I think someone already mentioned this but with a paddle tail those would be killers on the pike here!



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