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Big Pancho
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Hello gang check this one out. I had an idea about making a mackerel style swimbait so I picked up the clay again the other night and got to work. Added side stripes and mid fins onto one my proto type carvings and this one came to life. The color is a green mackerel and I will be playing with colors to make a blue and spanish mackeral. Let me know what you think. Have a great day.


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Wow that's one of the nicest saltwater soft baits I have ever seen! Having said that i am sure the pike here would hit that hard too!

The black lines seem elevated, is that paint or you applied a thin layer of hot plastic through a stencil?



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Simon thanks for the nice compliment on the new bait. The side stripes are elevated or protruding from the body of the bait. It has a 3D look to it just like the fin details on the bait. Currently the black stripes are colored in with a black sharpie marker. I cool way in locking in the marking pen is to flame the outter surface of the plastic. I know there are marking pen that they make for this application I just need to find out what they are called. I did get a tip from a good friend of mine in Japan as to how to pour the side stripes on this bait so I will need to practice. Till next time many more to follow.


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