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predator lures

IMG 1491

12 cm, 30 grams, jointed, floating - designed for pikes in shallow waters ; the lure work no more then 30 cm under surface

I made a series of 12 identical lures with different patterns ; unforgatable fishing day -- about 80 strikes and 60 pikes got in the the hooks

    Apr 09 2012 07:41 PM
    Sounds like an incredible day! I see it was raining. Fish seem to bite their best when the weather is at it's worst. Good looking bait and fish on the other end, Congrats!! Which pattern would you say did the best ?

    this one + a black with red stripes + green olive with gold head, black back and red stripes --- al had red eyes
    mark poulson
    Apr 11 2012 09:22 AM
    I think you're really mean to feed those beautiful lures to fish with all those teeth! Hahaha
    Congrats. on what sounds like an epic day on the water!!!!
    I can't believe it , ....60 hook-ups in one day , absolutely awesome ! Big congrats .
    the fishing day was long ( 7 am - 8 pm ) and the lake complex is fantastic located in Danube Delta ; there were 20 years ago hundreds of lakes like this but nowadays this lake is a furtune ;

    the biggest was 8 kg but there are heavy\ier torpilo there ; I lost 2 over 10 kg ;