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Modified Hellhounds

Modified Hellhounds

Here are a few Hellounds i modified

top one has is Twin rattle squirrely Hellhound
the other two have a single ratlle

grtz Ferdinand

    Well done repaint. Please, explain how tails are attached to hardbait. Actually, right know i am experimenting with tailed prototype and from my point of view screw or spring might be used to stick tail to a hardbait. what do you think screw or spring is better? Thanks
    Apr 15 2012 03:40 AM
    Love 'em look great! I'd like to know how to adhere the tails to the hardbait too?
    i normally use a nail not a srew spring
    and then i just pin the tail on it with some super glue which sets in a few seconds
    Sep 02 2012 04:49 PM
    Impressive....interested in that tail trick too...glad you explained. Do they catch fish? Doesn't matter...so purty could hang em for wall decorations! Boyd...aka...Streamdancing