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Jaraal Original INTERLOPER Jerkbait


    Braided Line
    Apr 15 2012 06:43 AM
    The word "interesting" seems to fit here.
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    Ok! And the interesting part is?

    With best regards Jari Aalto Jaraal
    Apr 15 2012 02:44 PM
    I like your choice of colors and the way you blend them from light to dark. Really give s the lure the perception of depth and though bright, a very natural appearance. Really nice Jari!
    Still scratching my head how you did that paint job. Every now and then some lures just tie my brain in a knot. Very interesting indeed!
    Braided Line
    Apr 16 2012 06:01 AM
    Jaraal. The "interesting" part is they look like they`ve been in salt water for a long time as they have that barnacle look.
    Not trying to be nasty
    just trying to explain my comment.
    Your ,"OK!" seems a little over the top by the way. NO need to take offense as none was intended.

    Braided Line: I`m not offended! I`m to old for that. If the Ok! was over the top for you, well it´s something you have to deal with. It was NOT my intention to annoy you with my answer. A short answer to a short comment. Thats all!

    Fishsticks: What color comes on first and last? And what comes in between? What teqniques is used? When you got that figured out do your own tests. Even if you dont got it right you probably end up with something completly new, different and fresh, outside the box. Thats original! To be original, dont do it right!;O)

    littleriver: I love the natural colors and I use them a lot and my main goal is to give the bait an illusion of depth. In Sweden where I live I fish in very clear waters the natural colors stand out in the enviroment. Both on sunny days and dark days the ockracolored baits with white bellys will stand out and give flash in the water. And that attracts predators. Even in dark colored waters the naturalpigments rules. Offcourse do I also use contrast in my baits.

    Braided Line
    Apr 16 2012 04:24 PM
    After reading your retort about being "to old" I`m moving on. LOL.
    Apr 16 2012 08:03 PM
    It is to the point now where I do not need to read the name and I recognize your style. Yet each lure is different........

    Jaraal -- Your "designs" (which I think I could easly replace that word with "Art") are simply amazing to look at. I noticed your work and to be honest I would be hard pressed to decide whether to fish with your lures, or to frame them in a shadowbox.

    Much like your on the water photography (which seems to have some nice HDR processing on top of great lighting and composition) these lures are amazing to look at. Nice job, and good on you for looking at the box, then just kicking the thing away and living so far outside of the box that it's not even an afterthought anymore. Amazing work.
    Bassun: Thank you very very much! Living outside the box is not always easy, but to explain how the concept is working its just a matter of doing it better and different. I´m/we are constantly looking at myself/ourselves and asking questions like:
    -What am I doing and why?
    -What is original and what stands out?
    -What is more creative? What have not been done yet?
    -Do I like this? And so on....
    Then I have my brother Marko who is my hardest and best critic, judge and executor. He do all the hardcore testing and evaluate pictures. He is often the imagegenerator and a creative photogapher too. It`s a brothers concept. And everything is enviromentalfriendly.........

    With best regards Jaraal