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Coach Dog 4 20 2012

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Friend of mine wanted a top water painted in the coach dog pattern. The bait is balsa laminated over a basswood core and is 4" long. This was done to get the added flotation of balsa while allowing the screw eyes to be threaded into the basswood for added strength. Createx paints and Dupont auto clear.


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Very nice work , Ben , I like that pattern , ........often thought about such "sandwich" construction as well , but never put it to practise .

greetz , Dieter

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Thanks Dieter. I've had good luck with the "sandwich" construction when a bait built completely out of basswood doesn't offer quite enough buoyancy. The trouble I've had has been mostly on top water lures with propellers and screw eyes. I know there are other ways of building this type of lure, but this way is easy and works for me when building baits with a lot of hardware.


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