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Spinnerbutt Crank

Spinnerbutt Crank

Was looking online the other day for new ideas and this is what I came up with. It's something of a cross between a Lucky Craft Bullfish and a Depp's Buzzjet with a slightly different lip angle and style. It looked like it might be a fun build and it was. Lure body is carved from PVC with twisted stainless line ties and hook hangers. Ball bearing swivel is embedded into the rear of the bait and fastened with a stainless pin. Createx and Auto Air paints with auto clear top coat.


    Great design and stunning colors , Ben , ...have you swum it yet ?

    I may be wrong but me thinking that the blade might be too large compared to the bait's size , .........but surely I lack experience with such tailspin crankbaits . Greetz , Dieter
    Your right about the blade Dieter. Almost. If the blade were any bigger it would ruin the action. As it is now it makes the bait want to hunt. It will be running along and then it will kick out and run to one side before recovering. A smaller blade, or something like a willowleaf, would have less impact on the lure while still giving off flash. I doubt a smaller blade would impart such an erratic action on the lure though. I really got lucky using that blade size to try it. It was the handiest and that's why it got first try. Nothing new there though. Some of my greatest successes were complete accidents.

    I will definitely be building more of these.

    Awesome job Ben should most definatley get bit!
    Great lookin' job, Mr. Ben. Wrong blade or not....I'd hit it!
    Thanks guys. I have high hopes for this one.
    Great Job! Something different. This is my kind of stuff, I like it. The paint scheme too.
    I bet it will get ate!!
    Thanks John. I have a weakness for the slightly different stuff myself.