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BP Slug bait

Big Pancho
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Hello gang made a few modifications to one of my slug baits and gave this dude a few extra details. Wait on materials again to cast the molds. I will shoot up some finished baits when the molds are completed. Till next time gang. HAPPY POURING


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Wow... this is my first day as a TU member and my mind has been absolutely blown ope by all the possibilities! I'm an avid angler and a budding lure maker... hoping to one day make something half as good as this. I do have a question for you. What is holding your clay master to the block? Is clay or wood or something else? Also I'm assuming that you finish shaping and sanding the clay master before posting it up for painting. Is this correct?

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FishnFreak thanks for the nice compliment on my new slug bait. To answer your questions. All of my creations are made with a bake clay called Scupley. This is the clay master I carved. I like shooting primer and paint on my masters prior to drowning them in RTV Silicone for the finish mold. Most of my baits are made with soft plastic but I also have been playing around with some hard baits. Best of luck to you with your projects and welcome to TU.

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