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First Homemade catch on one of my own!

First Homemade catch on one of my own!

Caught this walleye today on one of my own. Not what i was fishing for but why not? Thank you JBlaze for the frame on this one. Hooked a large mouth over two that was released early ( if you know what i mean) on same homemade. Also caught a few more smaller bass on this bait later in the day. This bait seemed to work great around wood. It out performed a zoom fluke which is hard to do most days around fallen timber. .

    Vic, good bait catch nice fish!
    Beautiful walleye!

    May 13 2012 03:24 PM
    Thanks Hubert. Just happy my little bait worked.
    Big Bass Man
    May 30 2012 09:29 PM
    Nice one Vic!! Aways fun catching them on something of your own creation!