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Huge proto type bait in the works

Huge proto type bait in the works

Hello this crazy idea came to mind about making a huge segmented bait. So I grabbed the clay and got to work. Here is what the ball of clay turned into. I still have to give clean it up a little bit before it take a bath in Silicone but its going to be fun to see if I can get a fish to eat this huge 13.5 inch bait. Till next time gang.


    How funny, I drew a sketch for a hard bait that looks super similar to that with a different tail, and more segements.

    Very cool!
    love it ! can i buy one when its done ? have some pike that will go apshitcrazy on that bait !!
    May 07 2012 04:34 PM
    That looks great. I Do you create a rough shape with the soft sculpey and then bake and carve the finer details? I have been trying to get fine details in my sculpey masters but it has not been very cooperative.
    Awesome. I wouldn't hesitate throwing that at all. I'd buy some colored in eel or black or black and silver. Let me know how they work out.