Pvc cranks

mark poulson
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A group of 2 1/2" PVC cranks I made. All the bills are 1/8" lexan.

The one on the bottom left caught a 7lb2oz bass two weeks ago, and the bluegill caught several last weekend.

The four on the left are copies of the Bomber Switchback that runs to 14', but I'm not sure mine run that deep. I do know they grind the bottom in12'. They all weigh 19 grams.

The group on the right are different. Same basic body design, but flatter sides.

The top one weighs 22 grams, middle is 21, and the bottom, the smallest at only 2", weighs 15 grams.

They have different bills, too, and the bottom one, the smaller one, has the same bill at the others. It hunts.

The middle one on the right has a wider bill, and it dives faster and deeper. It is the one I lost prefishing on Friday, and had returned to me by a competitor/friend after the weigh in on Saturday. He found it floating in the back of that cove on tournament day.

If you look close, you can see where the paint got scraped by my lure retriever when I tried, and failed, to get it unstuck in the wind.

All the paint is Createx, Hobby Lobby, or Wildlife, and I dipped each one three times in SC9000.

i used a hair comb with every other tooth remove for the stripes on the bluegill.

I added clear nail polish with glitter on some after the top coat had dried.

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Awesome lures , Mark , ........at first glance I've thought , that you've now joined the "repaint" fraternity , ......great cankbaits indeed !

Greetz , Dieter

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If I ever have another child, I'm going to name it John Hopkins, no matter what it's sex, as a tribute for him turning me on to PVC trim board. Of course, at my age, it will be born with grey hair! Hahaha

It's amazing how quick and easy it is to make lures with the stuff.

Because I don't have any sealing/waterproofing issues, I can whip out a crank in an hour and a half, ready for paint, so I can experiment with bills, shapes, and ballasting a lot more now.

This hobby is so much fun, and catching fish on something you make is a real rush.

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Thanks guys.

All three, crappie, bluegill, and tilapia, are in some of our SoCal lakes, so I figured it would be a paint scheme that the fish hadn't seen before.

It's worked for the last two years....fingers crossed they don't wise up.

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Mark, those are all nice looking baits, glad they are catching fish for you.

Just curious, what is the purpose of sharpening/tapering the edge of the bib, does it make it dive deeper or change the action of the bait in some way?

Thanks John

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I do it to reduce the water resistance of the edge of the bib, so it dives more quickly and deeper.

I'm just copying the commercial baits.

I haven't done any testing to see if it really helps, but I'm guessing it does.

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