PVC prototype #1

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Weight 22g Length 3 1/4in

Carved from a PVC trim board (Thank you JBlaze ).Hangers and tie are stainless and circuit board bill. Everything is held together with with devcon 2ton . 2ton is also the top coat on this one. Started carving this bait at 4pm and was fishing it at 6 am the next day. By noon, it had caught it's first fish (smallmouth). Bait is modeled after a 6XD. Only the front line tie was used. Back line tie was too far from lip edge (Bait hunted and rolled out of control range). Action on this one is tight (much tighter than 6xd). Makes it easy to pull all day but not sure how the fish like it. Depth 20+ft on normal cast.

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Thanks guys!

I like it for sure Ben. This baby gets down there and fast. I learned many things from this bait which will definitely go into the next.

John, I am going to like Using this stuff for sure. Thank you again for this piece. I may have never even tried it. Thanks!!!!!

Dieter I like the idea of multiple line ties. Have to give Hans Nordin and you the nod there. Next time I will get it right .

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