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Joker Shad

Big Bass Man
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My first carved bait of the year, Joker Shad, Carved out of basswood.

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Thanks Vic!! Finally had a little time to carve one. Tested it out in the pool before painting. It ran great. I learned a lot from my failures last year!! They all became key chains. Lol

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Thanks mark!!

The bill was ordered from lure parts online. I do all of my squarebills out of lexan and I have a few of the deep divers bills left, to use up. I will then start using the lexan for them.

I would like to say THANKS!! To all that helped me along the way, on how to carve, ballast and everything in between!! Wouldn't have known where to start without TU!!

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All the baits look great, Patrick.

Don't know if you guys have ever noticed or not, but, Patrick never fails to thank the ones that have helped him along the way with this hobby. You can certainly see from his progression that he is a good student. I am even more impressed by this than the baits that he builds. I am as appreciative as well, but, I'm not as good a student. :) You have helped me more than I can say.

Keep up the good work, my friend.

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