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deep diver single hook7

mark poulson
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Another unassembled, showing line slot and hook.

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I created a slot in the bottom of the tail that is from two intersecting holes, one directly back from the tail, and one up from the belly.

I determined the angles of the two holes by laying the hook on the side of the lure, and marking the position where the hook point is down below the tail of the bait, and again where the point is up and "deployed".

I also marked the pivot point of the hook eye. I tried to make it in the midpoint of the lure body, top to bottom, so there would be plenty of material to anchor the stainless steel wire pivot axle.

Once I drilled the two holes, I used an exact knife to cut out the slot connecting the two holes, forming a V shaped slot.

I hope this helps.

I posted pictures of the finished lures that show the hook in the down and up positions.

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