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deep diver single hook8

mark poulson
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Unassembled, showing line slot and hook picture.

I took 5 pictures, hoping it makes it more clear.

I still have to epoxy in the line tie and bill, final shape the bill on the sander, attach the hook with the sst wire axle pin, and ballast.

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My pleasure. Everything I know about lure building I learned here. If others hadn't shared with me, I'd have been lost, so it's the least I can do.

I just want to get bit, to see if the single hook setup works. It's a pretty stout hook, so I'm throwing it on 12lb fluoro and a med. heavy 7'3" cranking stick. I hope I don't need to go to a stiffer rod, to get

a better hookset.

Fingers crossed.

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