deep diver single hook13

mark poulson
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Same bluegill.

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Mark, those are really nice looking baits, love the gill. I like the unique shape of your bills too. I think they will get bit and I am anxious to hear how the hook-up ratio will be. Best of luck with these.


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Getting the fish on is my main concern now.

I'm so used to fish eating cranks with trebles, and also getting pinned when they slap at them, I have no idea if I'm getting bitten or slapped with this design. Yet! Hahaha

I figured I'd paint them up in schemes that work for more shallow lures, and see if they get bit.

I'll have one rod rigged with a conventional deep diver, and one with a single hook crank, in the same pattern, and see if I can get bit on both.

If not, there's plenty of room on my garage wall for pretty "failures".

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It's an easy build with PVC.

Not having to worry about water intrusion makes me fearless. I never even checked to see how well my top coat covered the inside of the slot. All I worried about is keeping the slot clear for the hook shank to swing freely.

I doubt I would have even thought about trying it with wood.

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