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Weight-Forward Spinners From Scratch

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Weight-Forward Spinners From Scratch

The brass drum weight has a bore 1,5mm dia. running thru , ....the 4,0mm countersunk is just deep enough to accommodate the wire eye of the forward wire shaft , wrapped around a 1,5mm drill bit clamped in a vise .

Unlike American weight-forward spinners in Europe we are used to utilize two interconnected wire shafts for such lures , ...but their swing against one another should be somewhat limited , so that the hook could never reach the attached line whilst casting just to foul up .

I decided to make the interconnecting eyes that small to be able to place the shafts as far towards the rim of the brass weight as possible , so that the centrifugal force of the spinning blade would not get the entire lure to spin and thus cause line twist , .......indeed the brass head only cants slightly this way , ......even at faster paces of retrieve .

    Sorry , made a mistake in this describtion above , .....the bore thru the brass drum is 2,0 mm dia. , not 1,5 mm as stated !

    .........Otherwise the open loop of stainless welding wire 1,0mm won't fit thru , naturally .