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carved craw crank green3

mark poulson
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I finished the crank in a green pattern, with chartreuse highlights, and highlighted the carving with orange sharpie.

I also put purple sharpie dots on the craw's body, and dipped the whole thing in SC9000 three times.

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Thanks. I've been stuck at home for this week, on call for jury duty, so I had time on my hands.

I'm no carver, but a sharp knife and PVC makes carving much easier.

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Nice job Mark! I've been working on a craw of my own. When I get finished with the carving Coley is going to make a mold of it.


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It works. I tweaked the line tie so it ran straight, it ran true, and it dove fast down to 16'+-.

No bites, but it was so windy I didn't throw it for long.

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