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Live Bait Shad: Paddle Tail V3 vs V4: Rob vs Bob

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Rob (my son) and I had a CAD off yesterday. We sat down and talked about different ways to put a paddle tail on the Live Bait Shad. We made a few crude hand sketches and then each of us working independently from the same set of roughdrawings proceeded to try and capture the vision in CAD.

There are little details I like about both and ultimately I think I'll have to try and figure out how to merge the two into one incorporating the best of both drawings, but I think ultimately I will cut one like this eventually.

Rememember I spent over a year playing with the original LBS "realistic" tail version before I got a cut I was happy with. I expect this won't get cut next week.

The bulk of the bodies are identical, and they are identical to the original LBS as well. The differences are all in the tail, the paddle, and how those blend into the rear of the body.

So, which one do you like better.


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I think it will look (and fish) amazing with a paddle tail, I like how you have incorporated the little tail fin in on to the paddle tail as well..however i would go for a steeper angle on the tail it looks a little too aerodynamic at the moment and a steeper angle should give the bait a bit more tail wiggle.

just my 2 Cents!


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Well, of course it is a trade off. I could just chop the entire tail off and put on a square paddle like every single other paddle tail swimbait on the market. I was going for a realistic profile. In fact I made the profile by outlining an actual photograph of an actual threadfin shad. I originally made it (and cut the mold) with no paddle tail at all, and I got a bunch of repsonses that were, :"Yeah, but can you make it with a paddle tail?" One even asked if I could make it longer and thinner like every other swimbait on the market. Well, obviously I could go down to BoxMart, buy a package of swimbaits, and duplicate them exactly, but WHY? Why would I want to go to all the efort to make something just like everything else everybody else makes. Its a heck of a lot cheaper to just buy a bag of baits and go fishing.

When I started making announcements of other versions of this bait I was surprised by the number of people who had said nothing previously that all of a sudden dropped me emails making sure they could get more just like the originals.

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That bait would be awesome, especially on a dropsot where tail action wont matter.

Top top fin would add resiistance and reduce the action. And of course the area in front of the tail would need to be very thin. Maybe even like a jointed swim.

I would buy a mold if made publicaly available.


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