Small Weight-Forward Spinners

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Put these together this morning , tested them in the tub tonite , .......all working fine , still spinning on the drop and the brass weight also does not get to spin , even tough it's only 8mm in diameter , thus I could not assemble the front wireform too much off-centered , there fore not much of a keelweight function evolved , .......but obviously still enough !

These blades are about the smallest I can still beat to their cupped shape with a ballpeen hammer , though it still comes somewhat finacky , .....not much material left to hold them whilst working .

Gonna find out about the fish's opinion by coming weekend , .........greetz , diemai

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The one in center just got it's first fish this Sunday , ...cast for stocker trout in that pond shown , a small pike nailed it instead :

greetz , 61diemai

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