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Bulger-Spinner From Scratch

bulger-spinner double-bladed spinner

Bulger-Spinner From Scratch

Just made this prototype this morning , .......again hand-shaped blades made from 0,5mm stainless steel sheet and a body of copper wire . The "quick skirt" is stuck onto a little flanged brass bush(a Plaster of Paris rivet would work either) .

The 45mm long blades have been polished as usual , but afterwards annealed with a soldering torch to give them that certain "blued" look , ......together with ther black/blue skirt this provides a general darker appearance to that shallow running spinner .

Tested it in the tub this evening , ...the blades kick to spin nicely and reliably after about one foot of retrieve , .......what was quite amazing to me is that some strands of the skirt move forward to almost touch the inner cupping of the revolving blades , though one would expect them to be dragged rearward by the oncoming current caused by the retrieve , ..........there must be quite a lower water pressure being generated straight behind the blades , ....interesting !

This way the skirt reminds me a bit to an octopus with constantly moving tentacles .

Greetz , diemai

    Jun 15 2012 07:48 PM
    Very nice!! Looks sort of like a double cowgirl. What is middle curled medal in the center. Looks like a winner. Hope you catch some big ones with this one my friend...............Vic