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Real zander skin

Real zander skin

there is nothing better than the real deal, check out more pics from my blog and "a how to" tutorial from youtube that i made regarding fish skin lures.


    very nice tutorial! learned alot just in that video! nice job!
    Nice job, looks like I will be learning a little taxidermy too !!
    Thanks for sharing
    Big Bass Man
    Jun 28 2012 04:20 PM
    They look awesome Mikko!!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us. I have been wanting to try the real skin technique and this gives a whole new outlook to it. Thanks again bud!!

    The lures look great. That tutorial was awesome, I had no idea how this was done. I would like to give this a try some time.Thanks for sharing.

    thanks lads i have to admit that the jerks came out quite nice
    mark poulson
    Jul 03 2012 04:30 PM
    Really great instructional video. Thanks.
    Hey Solarfal,
    Thanks for the vid. I am curious about the eyes. Nice touch. Any hints on how you did the eyes? Thanks for sharing your art!
    i have a video in my youtube channel where i show how to do the eyes, those shown here are done exactly the same way.