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Soft plastic mouse bait

Big Pancho
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Hello gang got a few gallons of RTV last last week and gave life to a few carvings that were screaming to come to life. This one here is a 7 inch mouse bait that also will be going swimming here real soon. I figure I would rig it weedless and use it as a jerk bait. I got a good feeling and mental picture of some green bass attacking him as soon as he hits the H20. Till next time gang.


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Glad you posted this picture, was excited to see the final result after seeing the carving. Let us know how it works, they look Great!


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Thanks guy for the cool comments on my new bait. I have been away for awhile but it felt great to get back on the baits. Waiting on more materials again to make a few others come to life. Till next time gang.


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