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Long "A" Wake

Long "A" Wake

Paulownia carved into a long "A" wake bait painted with acrylics and covered in tabletop.

    Have you already swum it , Vic ?

    I'm concerned , that it might get to spin , unless heavily counter-balanced with belly ballast .

    Good Luck , ...Dieter
    Jul 24 2012 11:26 AM
    Your good.

    I have taken it for a swim and it is heavily counter balanced. Prettiest wake you ever did see.

    Happy fishing....................Vic
    Nice I've thought about making some like that. Looks similar to the buckeye wake bait. How much weight did you have to put in the bait to make it run properly
    Jul 25 2012 02:47 AM
    Thank you Juice.

    I have had this carving on my bench for a while and finally decided to take it up. I weighed what I put in her for you but do not really trust my scale. It really is not made for precise small measurements. It gave me a number of eight grams. The lead I used for this build was two "water gremlin" egg sinkers #10 and one round split shot #7. She will not run right with this alone. Only after adding the set of three hooks and split rings did she perform properly.

    Good luck with your build..................Vic
    Great to hear it works , Vic , .....good luck with it ! Greetz , Dieter
    Jul 27 2012 09:22 AM
    Thank you. I am actually shipping this one out tomorrow for testing. Look forward to hearing the feedback.