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Just came off the dryer.

    Have you swam this one yet Gary? Just wondering how it's going to work with the line tie located where it is.
    Jul 25 2012 03:10 AM
    Pretty bait Gary.

    Should you have trouble getting her to swim I would add a line tie on the bib . Like this http://www.ebay.com/...65#ht_500wt_951
    Been thinking of making one like this myself.

    Apologies. Got to reading. Good point Ben. Never even thought of that. Will have to add a tow point n the lip. This is another of the bodies made last year that was thru wired.


    I like the shape of the bait and the line tie position has got me wondering how it would work with a really small lip. Something small enough that it wouldn't overpower the higher tow point. I hate it when I start thinking about stuff like that. Just means I'm gonna have to sweep up more wood shavings and saw dust.