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New skinny 9 inch swimbait

New skinny 9 inch swimbait

Hello gang just finished the final details on a new 9 inch skinny swimbait. Looking forward on completing this big boy. Plans are to slice the belly and fish it weedless. Second idea is to design a internal lead and hook set up for him. I got a question for you pros on here. What would be the best way to seal the lead insert. I have seen a thin layer of some type of kervar of plastic wrapping that you would see in a storm swimbait. I have been looking on the internet for something like this but have stuck out on several attempt tp find anything. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Well gang I will shoot up a few finish pours once I get the mold completed. Till next time gang.


    Frank you need to write a book, you're that good......
    Not a pro but what about using a Mylar balloon?

    Bait looks nice!
    Thanks guys for the nice comment on my new bait. It felt good to get back on the baits. I just wish I had abundance of cash and time to throw at them but will have to pace myself and build them when I can. Boomah thanks for the idea about the mylar ballon. Gonna have to give that a try. I had an idea to maybe use some shrink plastic tubing like what you would see on electrical wiring. It should work I think. But will have to also give this a try. Thinking about how I would attach the mylar thou maybe spray glue. The different colors in the mylar might give a transparent color swimbait that extra touch. Now you got my wheels spinning!!! But in a good way. Thanks again guys.

    mark poulson
    Dec 23 2012 11:17 AM

    How about powder coating the lead?