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PVC Crappie

PVC Crappie

I have seen other builders here making PVC baits, so I decided why not for muskie. When I build this bait I epoxied red oak dowel pins for the hooks and toe eye. I am really happy with it, and the action on this bait is fantastic. Very easy to build and paint


    mark poulson
    Jul 31 2012 04:34 PM
    Looks great Gino!
    The PVC I use holds screw eyes really well without dowels, so I eliminate all wood in my builds. I run them into a pilot hole to cut the threads in the PVC, and then back them out again and coat the threads and shank with brush on crazy glue. Then I run them back in, and let whatever glue squeezes out as they go in act as a seat to anchor the eye against the lure. That prevents any rotation/unscrewing.
    Do some testing for yourself. I think your line will break before your screw eyes will pull out.
    I think you'll really like how PVC holds up to musky teeth. I don't fish for muskies, but I've caught barricuda with PVC lures, and they held up great!
    And water intrusion is a thing of the past!
    Jul 31 2012 08:20 PM
    Thanks Mark, I was not sure if the screws were to hold on muskie baits. The action on glide baits it fur better than hardwood baits. I love the fact that there is no need for sealing the baits. Thanks every body

    Ditto for me Gino,
    I ran some small cable thru a eye screw, and wound it around a pc. of pipe, and opened the screw eye! Just using super glue to coat the hole. I then tried to pull it free with pliers. No go. Its decieving just how well PVC holds screw eyes, because they go in so easily.