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8 19 2012 PVC Rapala DT Profile 003

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Been a while since I posted anything in the gallery so here's the latest. It's a PVC lure that's 2 1/4" long and weighs .535 ounces. Createx and Auto Air paints with epoxy top coat. I ran out of acetone to clean the airbrush with after spraying auto clear so that's the reason for the epoxy top coat. I'm hoping the longer square bill will get down to 8 or 9 feet. The longer square bill is an experiment to see how it handles being fished around chunk rock. Hopefully it will deflect well without getting hung up as much as a bait with a rounder lip. Thanks for looking.


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Thanks guys. Building deeper diving square bills is still in the experimental phase as I haven't had a chance to fish them yet. If they perform like I'm hoping they will they are going to have a permanent spot in my arsenal. Soon as I get a chance to fish them I'll let everyone know they they work.

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Thanks Salt. Better not send the acetone though. You might get both of us in trouble with Homeland Security for sending stuff like that through the mail. Not sure what a shop for homemade bombs looks like, but with all the stuff we use to build and paint baits they would probably tear the place apart looking for something.

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