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skipjack jigging spoon



skipjack jigging spoon

flat sided jigging spoon 4 inchs long weight 2 oz.
made with pvc decking and 1 1/2 oz of lead fit into the middle thru the top edge of the jig
then photo finished with a skipjack herring picture to match the skipjack in the ohio river
that the hybrid bass blow up on when feeding.

    Aug 21 2012 03:13 AM
    Fantastic idea !! Looks really good too.!! What is the action like? No swivel on front?
    Looks good Crank. Doubt I would have ever thought about building a jigging spoon out of anything but metal. Nice way to think out of the box.
    the action is great the jig stays up on top and swims and darts as you retrive,and i can cast it about 100 yards to the dams spillway using a ten ft rod and braided line
    This is great, you have given me some ideas for the future.
    That thing looks real. Nice job!!
    Dang nice dude