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Accidental crackle!

Accidental crackle!

The intended pattern was supposed to be black bars on fluo orange.....

Rattlecan fluoro orange sprayed on rattlecan white. Don't know what caused it....the white basecoat was fine wet sanded...must've gotten too close and the release agent reacted. Mystery!!

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    What ever happened...I like the results I probably couldn't get it to do that if I tried.
    I think you should make the same mistake in the future! Seriously it looks awesome.
    Sometime the solvents in different types of paint, or clear coat, don't play well together and you get wrinkling or "accidental crackle". I ran into this when using DN over a Dupli-Color rattlecan paint. The solvents in the DN didn't agree with the solvents in the Dupli-Color paint and wrinkled almost immediately after putting on the DN.

    Aug 27 2012 02:03 PM
    well if it was accident please forward all accidents to my door you will be compensated very well,great job