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Jaraal´s enviromentalfriendly Wrongoe fished slowly in cold water is a sure catch.

With Best Regards Jari Aalto Jaraal

    Sep 17 2012 06:47 PM
    Interesting name for this creative bait. I was wondering what sort of action does it have?
    Thanks. The action is erractic and hysteric, like a wounded fish. None predictable. Use your rod with small taps or big ones. Reel it in randomly. Reel it with a steady pace it will only go round and round which is not good. Drop it to the bottom let it stay there for a good time and then do a little movement, stop and and it over again. The floating ones are absoutely dangerous.You cant do wrong! It´s a Wrongoe and your always right. Fish it side to side? No, its impossible and wrong.

    With best regards Jari Aalto Jaraal
    Weird creation !
    Well, not for me!